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Mozilla OpenNews Onboarding Hack Day

Make a news app. In 2 days.


What makes it a news app?

  • Telling a story with software, and software that generates stories
  • Readers, not just users — help people find their story in larger stories
  • Impact

Apps generating stories,63441007845,63441007352,63441001276,63441005602

stories generating apps generating stories:

How to create a news app. The short version.

  1. Acquire data
  2. Clean/bulletproof data
    • find stories/trends in data
    • look for related datasets
    • Do additional reporting
  3. Import data
  4. Design and build app
    • Create graphics for app “lede”
  5. Deploy app

It’s doable!

The ProPublica Way

  • We’re all generalists (designer/developer/reporter)
  • Fakey Agile
  • We use tickets on sprawling projects and deadlines
  • An app has a “captain,” but pulls in others as necessary
  • Rigorous editorial and fact-checking process
  • Adaptive to responsive, as app requires, but not religious
  • Bylines!

Acquire data (in order of difficulty)

  • Find data on public data site such as
  • Request data from an agency, and receive it in a usable format
  • Scrape data from a public website and store it in your favorite format
  • Request data from an agency, and transform it from a hostile format
  • Create your own dataset because the data you want does not exist

Overcoming data acquisition problems

  • Find the nerds, not the PR office
  • Look in the metadata
  • FOIA

Clean/bulletproof data

Key idea: Look for "preposterousness"

  • Counts and totals
  • Limits of Excel & MySQL
  • Absurd max/mins
  • Blanks vs. nulls
  • Misspellings
  • Data Types (ask for a record layout)
  • Bad geocoding, duplicate city names
  • Check against reports and hard copies
  • Call, don't assume
  • Do random spot checks

Jen LaFleur's guide to Bulletproofing

Create an app!

rails new yourapp

If you use tabletop + Google Docs, be careful of Google’s arbitrary login walls.

Create your schema

  • Try to mimic the schema of the data you’re using
  • Find a record layout
  • Take note of decimal precision
  • ZIP codes are strings; some start in 0
  • Latlongs don’t need 15 units of precision; at that point you’re mapping atoms.

Example record layout:


Import your data


Keep track of your changes with git:

Find related datasets

  • What can be joined on your dataset? Sometimes the news is in the join.


Just because you can join doesn’t mean you should. Focused apps are better than sprawling ones.

Find stories/trends in data, the app front page “lede”

  • The “far”
  • Look at maximums/minimums, clumps, outliers
  • Look at correlations
  • Geographic trends
  • Break down by states or brand
  • Let people sort
  • Show people what to look for in individual views

Varieties of “far”



Design and Build app


def search
  q = ActiveRecord::Base::sanitize(params[:q])
  drugs = Drug.where("name LIKE ?", "%#{params[:q]}%").limit(50);
  render :json => drugs.to_json

Deploying your app

Rough Schedule

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Scrum/discussion of ideas
  • Claim specialties (1-2 people each). Possibles:
    • App/backend
    • Design/JS/CSS
    • Front page “lede” graphic/far view
    • Reporting, data analysis, guff-writing
    • Other specialties?
  • Working time
  • End of day scrum

Day 2

  • Scrum
  • Working time
  • Gather around lunchtime for editing/critique
  • Working time
  • Deployment — if we finish
  • Presentation
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