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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<menuEntry name="Domain Crawler Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="DomainTools Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="Exposure Lookup" url="" />
<menuEntry name="Fortiguard Threat Research" url=";lookup=Lookup" />
<menuEntry name="Google SafeBrowsing Report" url="" />
<menuEntry name="HoneyNet Project Lookup" url="" />
<menuEntry name="IPVoid Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="IsitAPT" url="" />
<menuEntry name="IpIntel" url="" />
<menuEntry name="Malc0de Search" url="" />
<menuEntry name="Malekals Forum" url=";ip=%IP%" />
<menuEntry name="NetBIOS Lookup" exec="/usr/bin/nmblookup -A %IP%" />
<menuEntry name="Nmap NO PING" exec="/usr/bin/nmap -Pn -A %IP%" />
<menuEntry name="ORBL Blacklist Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="PassiveTotal Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="Ping" exec="/bin/ping -c 5 %IP%" />
<menuEntry name="RobTex Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="SANS IP Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="ShodanHQ Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="Spamhaus Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="TCP/IP Neighbors" url="" />
<menuEntry name="Threat Miner" url="" />
<menuEntry name="Totalhash Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="Traceroute" exec="/bin/traceroute %IP%" />
<menuEntry name="VirusTotal Query" url="" />
<menuEntry name="X-Force Exchange Lookup" url="" />
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