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Created Oct 21, 2014
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So I'm moving my site from Squarespace to Middleman, a static website engine. Squarespace lets you export your content in a Wordpress-compatible XML file. I wrote this script to generate Middleman blog entries corresponding to published posts from the Squarespace exported XML file.

What it Does

So what does it do? It finds all published text posts and reconfigures them for use with Middleman. All Squarespace-hosted images are downloaded to your computer and given unique names, and the img tags in the posts themselves are updated. I also fix a few other things like Instagram and Vimeo embeds and added some bootstrap CSS classes to img tags. It's pretty customized to my needs – not a general-purpose script.


Make sure Nokogiri is installed. Download, then chmod a+x the script.rb file, and run.


This worked for me – that does not mean it will work for you. I am not a ruby developer, so this code is probably really bad. I'm happy to answer questions on twitter.

require 'Nokogiri'
require 'net/http'
require 'securerandom'
require 'FileUtils'
require 'date'
class Post
attr_accessor :title
attr_accessor :raw_content
attr_accessor :pub_date
attr_accessor :link
def initialize(node)
@title = node.xpath("title").text
@raw_content = node.xpath("content:encoded").text
@pub_date = node.xpath("pubDate").text
@link = node.xpath("link").text
def generate_markdown
content_node = Nokogiri::HTML("<import>#{ @raw_content }</import>")
# Find all images on the Squarespace CDN
images = content_node.xpath("//img").select { |image| image["src"] and image["src"].include? "" }
images.each { |image|
# download them and put them in the correct folder
url = URI.parse(image["src"])
response = Net::HTTP.get_response url
content_type = response["Content-Type"]
extension = ""
if content_type.include? "image/jpg" || content_type.include? "image/jpeg"
extension = "jpg"
elsif content_type.include? "image/gif"
extension = "gif"
elsif content_type.include? "image/png"
extension = "png"
puts "Warning – unknown file (defaulting to jpeg): #{ image["src"] }"
extension = "jpeg"
directory = "img/import#{ link }/"
filename = "#{ directory }#{ SecureRandom.uuid.gsub('-','').upcase }.#{ extension }"
FileUtils.mkdir_p directory
IO.write(filename, response.body)
puts "Wrote #{ filename } to disk"
# Change the content_node's img children to point to their new files
image["src"] = "/#{ filename }"
image["class"] = "img-responsive"
# Fix all the iframes
iframes = content_node.xpath("//iframe")
iframes.wrap("<div class='embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9'></div>")
iframes.each { |iframe| iframe["class"] = "embed-responsive-item" }
# Remove Instagram ickiness
content_node.xpath("//div[contains(@class,\"instagram-oembed\")]/p").each { |node| node.remove }
# Finally, generate the markdown file from the content_node
date = Date.parse(@pub_date)
directory = "blog"
FileUtils.mkdir_p directory
filename = "#{ directory }/#{ date.strftime('%Y-%m-%d') }-#{ @title.gsub(' ', '-').gsub(/['"?\/:]/, '').downcase }.markdown"
body = <<-eos
title: "#{ @title}"
date: #{ date.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M') }
#{ content_node.xpath("//import").first }
<!-- more -->
IO.write(filename, body)
puts "Wrote #{ filename }"
def to_s
"#{ @title } published on #{ pub_date }"
filename = ARGV.first
abort "Usage: ./script path_of_xml_file" unless filename
abort "File does not exist" unless File.exist?(filename)
file =
doc = Nokogiri::XML(file)
puts "Opened XML file at " + filename
post_nodes = doc.xpath("//item").select { | item | item.xpath("wp:post_type/text()").text == "post" && item.xpath("wp:status/text()").text == "publish" }
posts = { |node| }
# puts posts[0].generate_markdown
posts.each { |post| post.generate_markdown }
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