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This class extracts the jobs from the job listing website.
package com.jobllers.service.jobsscrapper.impl.scrapper.actors
import java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException
import{Actor, Props}
import com.jobllers.service.jobsscrapper.impl.scrapper.actors.JobLinkExtractorActor.JobPageCrawlInfo
import com.jobllers.service.jobsscrapper.impl.scrapper.actors.JobLinkExtractorChildActor.CrawlJobPage
import com.jobllers.service.jobsscrapper.impl.scrapper.naukri.Headers
import com.jobllers.service.jobsscrapper.impl.scrapper.util.RemoteContentPuller
import org.jsoup.Jsoup
import org.jsoup.nodes.Element
import scala.util.Try
import scala.util.control.NonFatal
class JobLinkExtractorActor extends Actor with RemoteContentPuller {
var counter = 0
override def receive: Receive = {
case jobPagesCrawlInfo: JobPageCrawlInfo
jobPagesCrawlInfo.uriList.foreach { jobPageURI
counter = counter + 1
println(s"[~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] -> Listing will extracted from listing page.")
context.actorOf(JobLinkExtractorChildActor.props, s"JobLinkExtractorActorChild$counter")
.tell(CrawlJobPage(jobPageURI, jobPagesCrawlInfo.selector), self)
object JobLinkExtractorActor {
val props = Props(classOf[JobLinkExtractorActor])
case class JobPageCrawlInfo(uriList: List[String], selector: String)
class JobLinkExtractorChildActor extends Actor with RemoteContentPuller {
var retryCount = 0
override def receive: Receive = {
case CrawlJobPage(uri: String, selector: String) getJobLinksFromPage(uri, selector)
case x: Any println(s"Something weird received. $x")
private def getJobLinksFromPage(uri: String, selector: String): Unit = Try {
import scala.collection.JavaConversions._
val page = Jsoup.connect(uri).headers(Headers.naukariHeaders).timeout(60000).get()
val links =
.foldLeft(List.empty[String])((listOfLinks, link) addVerifiedLinkToList(listOfLinks, link))
val nextPageLinkElement: List[Element] ="div.srp_container.fl div.pagination a:last-child").toList
context.actorOf(JobLinkHandlerActor.props) ! links
//Start crawling the "NEXT" page if there are more links else kill itself.
if (nextPageLinkElement.nonEmpty) {
println(s"-> -> -> -> Next on link found.")
self ! CrawlJobPage(nextPageLinkElement.last.attr("href"), selector)
} else {
println(s". . . . Stopping actor.")
context stop self
} recover {
case NonFatal(_: TimeoutException)
if (retryCount < 5) {
println(s"Couldn't connect to the $uri while trying for 60 seconds. Retrying.")
self ! CrawlJobPage(uri, selector)
} else {
context stop self
retryCount += 1
case NonFatal(_: IOException)
println(s"Got IOException while extracting job links from $uri")
context stop self
object JobLinkExtractorChildActor {
val props = Props(classOf[JobLinkExtractorChildActor])
case class CrawlJobPage(uri: String, selector: String)
class JobLinkHandlerActor extends Actor {
override def receive = {
case links: List[String]
//Save these links into the database / file
println(s"************************* ${links.size} links received successfully *************************")
object JobLinkHandlerActor {
val props = Props(classOf[JobLinkHandlerActor])
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