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# Automated AMI and Snapshot Deletion
# @author Robert Kozora <> [I made some changes]
# This script will search for all instances having a tag with "Backup" or "backup"
# on it. As soon as we have the instances list, we loop through each instance
# and reference the AMIs of that instances which has backup tag as "filter_date_fmt" variable value.
# We check that the latest daily backup
# succeeded then we store every image that's reached its DeleteOn tag's date for
# deletion. We then loop through the AMIs, deregister them and remove all the
# snapshots associated with that AMI.
import boto3
import collections
import datetime
import time
import sys
ec = boto3.client('ec2', 'ap-south-1')
ec2 = boto3.resource('ec2', 'ap-south-1')
date =
filter_date_fmt = date.strftime('%m-%d-%Y')
images = ec2.images.filter(Owners=["self"],Filters=[{'Name':'tag:DeleteOn','Values':["filter_date_fmt"]}])
print images
def lambda_handler(event, context):
reservations = ec.describe_instances(
'Reservations', []
instances = sum(
[i for i in r['Instances']]
for r in reservations
], [])
print "Found %d instances that need evaluated" % len(instances)
to_tag = collections.defaultdict(list)
#date =
date_fmt = date.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')
imagesList = []
# Set to true once we confirm we have a backup taken today
backupSuccess = False
# Loop through all of our instances with a tag named "Backup"
imagecount = 0
for instance in instances:
# Loop through each image of our current instance
for image in images:
# Our other Lambda Function names its AMIs Lambda - i-instancenumber.
# We now know these images are auto created
if'Lambda - ' + instance['InstanceId']):
# print "FOUND IMAGE " + + " FOR INSTANCE " + instance['InstanceId']
# Count this image's occcurance
imagecount = imagecount + 1
if image.tags is not None:
deletion_date = [
t.get('Value') for t in image.tags
if t['Key'] == 'DeleteOn'][0]
delete_date = time.strptime(deletion_date, "%m-%d-%Y")
except IndexError:
deletion_date = False
delete_date = False
today_time ='%m-%d-%Y')
# today_fmt = today_time.strftime('%m-%d-%Y')
today_date = time.strptime(today_time, '%m-%d-%Y')
# If image's DeleteOn date is less than or equal to today,
# add this image to our list of images to process later
if delete_date <= today_date:
# Make sure we have an AMI from today and mark backupSuccess as true
#print date_fmt
if date_fmt in
# Our latest backup from our other Lambda Function succeeded
backupSuccess = True
print "Latest backup from " + date_fmt + " was a success"
print "Today's Backup not done yet"
if(imagecount >= 75):
print "instance " + instance['InstanceId'] + " has " + str(imagecount) + " AMIs"
print "============="
print "About to process the following AMIs:"
print imagesList
if backupSuccess == False:
myAccount = boto3.client('sts').get_caller_identity()['Account']
snapshots = ec.describe_snapshots(MaxResults=1000, OwnerIds=[myAccount])['Snapshots']
# loop through list of image IDs
for image in imagesList:
print "deregistering image %s" % image
amiResponse = ec.deregister_image(
print amiResponse
for snapshot in snapshots:
if snapshot['Description'].find(image) > 0:
snap = ec.delete_snapshot(SnapshotId=snapshot['SnapshotId'])
print "Deleting snapshot " + snapshot['SnapshotId']
print "-------------"
print snap
print "No current backup found. Termination suspended."

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@indreshcha indreshcha commented Jun 23, 2019

is it possible to add Unitest for this code as well ?

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