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Last active April 22, 2022 00:06
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Magento 1.x .gitignore
# Never save database creditentials in your repo. Keep a dummy copy with a different name eg ""
# If you'd like to keep the downloader, use the following instead:
# downloader/.cache
# downloader/cache.cfg
# downloader/connect.cfg
# All of the var folders can be excluded.
# Remove generated files
# If you'd like to commit media files, replace the above with the following:
# media/catalog/product/cache
# media/css
# media/css_secure
# media/js
# media/js_secure
# I use a global gitignore file for the following, but worth noting these:
# Don't commit composer dependencies:
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metame commented Jan 28, 2016

Tried this with Magento 1.9.x and still seems it's wanting me to go through Magento install when I open.

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Updated, as it hasn't been touched since July 2012. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Keep 'em coming.

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al1357 commented Jul 24, 2018

What about ignoring maintenance.flag?

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