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@ashwanthkumar ashwanthkumar/matsya.conf
Last active Jan 21, 2016

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Sample Matysa Configuration
matsya {
# Path on the local FS to write the Cluster states and Time series data we create
# ${working-dir}/state and ${working-dir}/history respectively for the same
working-dir = "local_run"
clusters = [{
# Unique Identifier - Please don't change once assigned
name = "Staging Hadoop Cluster"
# (Mandatory) AutoScaling group backing the spot machines
spot-asg = "as-hadoop-staging-spot"
# (Mandatory) AutoScaling grooup backing the OD machines
od-asg = "as-hadoop-staging-od"
# Instance type that this cluster needs
machine-type = "c3.2xlarge"
# max bid price (as configured in the launch configuration)
bid-price = 0.420
# On Demand price of the Instance Type
od-price = 0.420
# maximum % of the bid price after which we should swap the AZ
max-threshold = 0.85
# This many _consecutive_ number of crossing the max-threshold
# would result in the AZ migration
nr-of-times = 3
# Should we fallback to On Demand instance if we can't find any AZ
# within the bid-price range?
fallback-to-od = false
# Subnets that're configured for each AZ
# We don't support swapping classic ASGs
# The format is availability-zone = subnet-identifier
# (you can only have 1 subnet on an AZ)
subnets = {
"us-east-1a" = "subnet-abcd"
"us-east-1b" = "subnet-efgh"
"us-east-1c" = "subnet-ijkl"
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