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Created Jul 27, 2017
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My ~/.Xresources config for xterm
! =============================================================================
! XTerm settings
! =============================================================================
! Use white-on-black colors
XTerm.vt100.reverseVideo: true
UXTerm.vt100.reverseVideo: true
! XTerm already has 256 colors support
! We ask it to set the correct $TERM
XTerm.termName: xterm-256color
UXTerm.termName: xterm-256color
! Start with maximized window
xterm*maximized: true
! Make Alt key behave like in other terminals
XTerm.vt100.metaSendsEscape: true
UXTerm.vt100.metaSendsEscape: true
! Number of lines to save for scrolling
XTerm.vt100.saveLines: 100000
UXTerm.vt100.saveLines: 100000
! Increase-decrease font size using Ctrl-/+
xterm*VT100.Translations: #override \
Ctrl <Key> minus: smaller-vt-font() \n\
Ctrl <Key> plus: larger-vt-font()
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