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bool writeDelimitedTo(
const google::protobuf::MessageLite& message,
google::protobuf::io::ZeroCopyOutputStream* rawOutput) {
// We create a new coded stream for each message. Don't worry, this is fast.
google::protobuf::io::CodedOutputStream output(rawOutput);
// Write the size.
const int size = message.ByteSize();
uint8_t* buffer = output.GetDirectBufferForNBytesAndAdvance(size);
if (buffer != NULL) {
// Optimization: The message fits in one buffer, so use the faster
// direct-to-array serialization path.
} else {
// Slightly-slower path when the message is multiple buffers.
if (output.HadError()) return false;
return true;
bool readDelimitedFrom(
google::protobuf::io::ZeroCopyInputStream* rawInput,
google::protobuf::MessageLite* message) {
// We create a new coded stream for each message. Don't worry, this is fast,
// and it makes sure the 64MB total size limit is imposed per-message rather
// than on the whole stream. (See the CodedInputStream interface for more
// info on this limit.)
google::protobuf::io::CodedInputStream input(rawInput);
// Read the size.
uint32_t size;
if (!input.ReadVarint32(&size)) return false;
// Tell the stream not to read beyond that size.
google::protobuf::io::CodedInputStream::Limit limit =
// Parse the message.
if (!message->MergeFromCodedStream(&input)) return false;
if (!input.ConsumedEntireMessage()) return false;
// Release the limit.
return true;
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