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Thoughts on things I'd like to see in CP or I am exploring building with CP in 2022

CircuitPython 2022

2022_1: Snakes in the #%*$& Van

Goal: Layout the requirements and design of a system to use CircuitPython as a basis for a Camper Van (or RV or Boat) monitoring, tracking and alerting system.

NOTE: This may never be built on CP but I'd like to go through the thought experiment.

2022_2: 3D Mouse Project

Goal: Document requirements and design a 3D CAD mouse which will work with Fusion 360. This might also be called a Jog Wheel.

NOTE: It is very likely this will work with other programs, but my needs are for it to work with Fusion 360.

Review of 2021

2021_1: CircuitPython Secrets This is still a valid discussion. What is not clear is how we could expose a CPython os.getenv, os.environ, etc. interface without it just being a wrapping around a text file. If that is true, why not make a loadenv like library?

2021_2: Package Management for CircuitPython Circup made big leaps this year and is working well-enough. I do think long-term the download the zipfile approach become too fragile and too hard to centrally manage, but it works great for now. ;-)

2021_3: CirctuiPython Cameras The notes I put together focused on the higher-end camera capabilities. Adafruit did create camera libraries which work for the lower resolution cameras, but nothing high resolution that I'm aware of. With CP on the Raspberry Pi I wonder if it can find a path forward. Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera with 12.3 megapixel Sony IMX477 sensor

Current CP Camera Libraries

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askpatrickw commented Jan 13, 2022

Notes on 3D Mouse Project

Mouse Links


  1. Does the Adafruit HID Library support all the needed Mouse commands for 3D mouse movement?
    This need a good long read and comparison to the Arduino code in the Orbion. I'm guessing yes.
  2. Is BLE an option? Yes. You can do BLE HID for sure. This is a keyboard example BLE HID Keyboard Buttons with CircuitPython, but the adafruit_ble and adafruit_hid libraries do enable this.

Rough Attempt At a Parts List

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askpatrickw commented Feb 19, 2022

Notes on the Van Concept

Van Automation - Ford TransitUSA Forum

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3D Mouse -- someone built it !!

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