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Last active November 4, 2022 11:17
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Install Hearthstone on Archlinux



  • Open PlayOnLinux
  • Click on Install and select Install a non-listed program
  • Next the useless screens
  • Select Install a program in a new virtual drive and choose a name for it
  • Select Configure wine and then 32 bits windows installation
  • When the Wine configuration tool pops out, set the Windows version to Windows 7 in the Application tab, and confirm with ok
  • Next screen will allow you to select the previously downloaded Hearthstone-Setup.exe (or similar)
  • Let the default installation settings, and close the client once installed
  • Choose Battle.Net Launcher.exe, pick a shortcut name and finish the installation


You will be able to start Battle.Net Launcher (and thus the game) by using either:

  • GUI: Open PlayOnLinux, select the shortcut and click Run
  • CLI: playonlinux --run "$shortcut_name" where $shortcut_name is the name you used at the last step of install
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dchukmasov commented May 15, 2019

Thank you for the guide! I had to also install lib32-gnutls and ttf-ms-fonts to make it work (taken from winehq)

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maroov commented Aug 10, 2019

Hi, I followed all the steps and even installed the packages @dchukmasov mentioned. However, my Blizzard app allows me to sign in but then opens a black screen where I can click stuff and links work but I cannot see what I'm clicking. I got also an error when trying to install because the minimum OS allowed is Windows 7 and you wrote that we should pick XP, so it didn't let me install Hearthstone itself but only the Blizzard app.

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JlnKlm commented Aug 18, 2019

Use the above instructions and install lib32-libldap, lib32-gnutls and ttf-ms-fonts.
When Choosing OS dont select Win XP but keep it to the default Win 7.
Works for me

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JlnKlm commented Aug 18, 2019

The available Hearthstone installer script in playonlinux uses WinXp and is broken

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Thanks for the updates, just edited the guide!

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maroov commented Aug 22, 2019

It worked! Thank you, I don't know why I didn't try that before but whatever, with Win7 I was able to see everything in the Blizzard app and download Hearthstone.

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dfalcon commented Nov 4, 2022

If you no have sound install lib32-libpulse
Also if you have lost focus on window after switching beetween windows add new param in wine registry

[HKCU\software\Wine\X11 Driver]

If that registry doesn't exist, create it.

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