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Sitecore Catalog Module for Habitat
/// <summary>
/// An action to manage data for the ProductList
/// </summary>
/// <param name="pageNumber">The page number.</param>
/// <param name="facetValues">The facet values.</param>
/// <param name="sortField">The sort field.</param>
/// <param name="sortDirection">The sort direction.</param>
/// <returns>
/// The view that represents the ProductList
/// </returns>
public ActionResult MultipleProductLists(
[Bind(Prefix = StorefrontConstants.QueryStrings.Paging)] int? pageNumber,
[Bind(Prefix = StorefrontConstants.QueryStrings.Facets)] string facetValues,
[Bind(Prefix = StorefrontConstants.QueryStrings.Sort)] string sortField,
[Bind(Prefix = StorefrontConstants.QueryStrings.SortDirection)] CommerceConstants.SortDirection? sortDirection)
var productSearchOptions = new CommerceSearchOptions
NumberOfItemsToReturn = StorefrontConstants.Settings.DefaultItemsPerPage,
StartPageIndex = 0,
SortField = sortField
var currentRendering = RenderingContext.Current.Rendering;
var datasource = currentRendering.Item;
var viewModel = _catalogRepository.GetMultipleProductList(datasource, currentRendering, productSearchOptions);
return View("ProductRecommendation", viewModel);
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