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# logstash config file has three sections:
# input{}, output{}, and (optional) filter{}; add plugins
# to specify how events should be handled in each section
input {
twitter {
# set key and token values from the previous step
consumer_key => "YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY"
consumer_secret => "YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET"
oauth_token => "YOUR_OAUTH_CODE"
oauth_token_secret => "YOUR_OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET"
# assume we are interested in tracking all family violence tweets
keywords => ["twitterdown"]
languages => ["en"]
locations => "113.338953078,-43.6345972634,153.569469029,-10.6681857235"
full_tweet => true
ignore_retweets => true
output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ["http://localhost:9200"]
index => "tweets"
stdout {
# include this to pretty-print the event's json to stdout
codec => rubydebug
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