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This gist contains code snippets related to Flip and rotate operation on CAD files
// Get clientId and clientSecret from
String clientId = "a6c970b2-33d3-4263-b367-62ca4630b955";
String clientSecret = "9ae816d921f1371b8d09edc799125d56";
CadApi cadApi = new CadApi(clientSecret, clientId);
String inputFileName = "Nikon_D90_Camera.dgn";
// Possible values are jpg, bmp, psd, tiff, gif, png, j2k, wmf and pdf
String formatToExport = "pdf";
// rotate with 180 and flip is none
String method = "RotateNoneFlipX";
// resultant file name
String destFileName = "910609.pdf";
// create an instance of GetDrawingRotateFlipRequest object
GetDrawingRotateFlipRequest request = new GetDrawingRotateFlipRequest(inputFileName, formatToExport, method, null, destFileName, null);
// initiate the conversion operation
This gist contains code snippets related to performing Flip and Rotate operation on CAD images using Aspose.CAD Cloud SDK for Java
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