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Convert DOC to PDF using Node.js
This Gist contains code snippets related to conversion of DOC file to PDF using Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Node.js
const { WordsApi, GetDocumentWithFormatRequest } = require("asposewordscloud");
// Get clientId and clientSecret from
const clientId = "718e4235-8866-4ebe-bff4-f5a14a4b6466";
const secret = "388e864b819d8b067a8b1cb625a2ea8e";
// create an instance of WordsApi
const wordsApi = new WordsApi(clientId, secret);
// Convert Word Document to PDF (the output will be saved in Cloud storage)
var fileName = "GetStyles.doc";
// start of try catch bloack
try {
var request = new GetDocumentWithFormatRequest ({
// name of input doc file
name : fileName,
// format of resultant file
format: "pdf",
// name of resultant file on CloudStorage
outPath : "Converted.pdf"
// initialize the document conversion operatoin
wordsApi.getDocumentWithFormat(request).then(() => {
// print success message on console
console.log("Successfully converted..");
catch (e) {
console.log("entering catch block");
console.log("leaving catch block");
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