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Installing Berkshelf 4.0.1 on Cygwin x64



Install Gecode

Obtain Gecode tarball

$ curl -O
$ tar zxvf gecode-3.7.3.tar.gz

Configure, make and install

$ cd gecode-3.7.3
$ CC=g++ ./configure --disable-doc-dot --disable-doc-search --disable-doc-tagfile --disable-doc-chm --disable-doc-docset --disable-qt --disable-examples
$ make
$ make install

Copy libraries and source code

$ cp libgecode* /lib/
$ cp -r gecode/* /usr/include/


$ cd ../
rm -rf gecode-3.7.3 gecode-3.7.3.tar.gz

Install Berkshelf

USE_SYSTEM_GECODE=1 gem install berkshelf -v 4.0.1


This gist in inspired by How to Install Berkshelf version3 on Cygwin 64bit. I've decided not to fork it because I wanted to:

  • split up Ruby and Berkshelf installation processes;
  • provide the instructions for updated Ruby 2.2.4 and Berkshelf 4.0.1.
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