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Created Mar 15, 2021
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Custom Commands

⚠️ Nota extensibility is highly experimental. You can experiment with it and give us feedback but expect a lot of changes.

Custom commands are an easy way to extend Nota. They show in the Command Palette...(⌘⇧P) just like any other Nota built-in command.

You can create a new custom command by opening the Command Palette...(⌘⇧P) and selecting "Create New Custom Command". This will create a file that will be pre-filled with a template command that when executed copies the opened file's path to the clipboard.

# @parameters file
pbcopy $1


In the previous example you could have noticed the @parameters file comment. This comment tells Nota to pass the path to the currently opened file as a first argument to the script.

You can pass a few different values to the paste hook:

  • file – the path to the currently opened file
  • workspace – the path to the currently opened workspace

You tell Nota which values to pass to the script add a @parameters decorator with the parameters separated by spaces: @parameters file workspace. This will make: $1 the currently edited file and $2 the path to the currently opened workspace.

Ideas for custom commands

  • Open Random Note – Some people use Nota for a knowledge-base. This command can help you discover some notes what you may have forgotten.
  • Open Daily Note – Some people use Nota for journalling. In that case you can make a command that creates a file with the current date as a name and opens it.
  • Upload as Gist – Upload the currently opened file as gist. Useful for sharing something quickly. You can use Potentially the best command line gister.
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