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kate1212klim commented Apr 2, 2022

Started reading the book)) Hello world!

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sudsees commented May 17, 2022

Just have to code!

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neo-arezki commented May 21, 2022

Bon courage à tous les débutants! C'est ma première aussi. Merci pour ce bouquin :)

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Wellimme commented Jun 8, 2022

Beggining by itself has been hard af, I really hope after this book I get a hold of the bases of programming.
Hope y'all are doing good! Let's all learn together hahah.

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Danthesage01 commented Jun 8, 2022

Thanks for the book. It's a good read.

The year is 2022. I will be back again

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veretennikovalexey commented Jun 11, 2022

I dropped reading. But now I've begun again :)

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studentrizwan commented Jun 13, 2022

just signup .background is marketing just started to learn coding first step is to start reading and practicing "automate the boring stuff with python"2nd version

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khalidz7 commented Jun 18, 2022

Back on the grind...currently refreshing my memory with your book

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AzamSaja commented Jun 21, 2022

Wow, glad to see many friends in journey to learn python!

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patrickfeeney03 commented Jul 31, 2022


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Omaaria13 commented Aug 7, 2022

Beginning my Journey with Programming in Python !! Yipeeeeee....thanks

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IamSarma commented Aug 13, 2022

Will comment here once the journey reaches the milestone 👍🤩

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Don-Rupees commented Aug 15, 2022

Hello to fellow beginners! Hope this book really helps us to grasp the basics and be impactful in progressing to bigger tings! Love.

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akayer19 commented Aug 26, 2022

Tinker Tinker

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oliverwarmaksan commented Aug 29, 2022

that's awesome!

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BLACKJOKER10010 commented Aug 30, 2022

lets do it,yooooo

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FoodieFridays commented Sep 26, 2022

Nice easter egg!

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EugeneKold commented Sep 27, 2022

Let's go!

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rpjayaraman commented Oct 9, 2022

Starting NOW !!!

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bambilegs commented Oct 18, 2022

alt + F4 helps speeds up your coding

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tsuglyn commented Oct 18, 2022

Yabba Dabba do! me too...

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keystaff commented Oct 26, 2022

Started to studying of Python :)

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MultiverseCTO commented Oct 29, 2022

OCT 2022 Good luck to all!

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vov411 commented Oct 30, 2022

Казахстан, Темиртау
4:01 Утра
Я решил стать программистом

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AthanAli5 commented Oct 31, 2022

New here, let's go!!!

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rossbennett commented Nov 11, 2022


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its-ag commented Nov 14, 2022

I love your books <3

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Sonnet-mst commented Nov 19, 2022

Hi there! This is my first step in programming, and I wanna say thank you for yours stuff.

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monserrperez commented Nov 26, 2022

continuing the tradition, hello everyone.

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MiraNiko commented Nov 30, 2022

Continuing the tradition, too.
Currently reading the book and trying to explore the world of python programming. Good luck to everyone!

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