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Last active March 24, 2023 09:19
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Beginning my Journey with Programming in Python !! Yipeeeeee....thanks

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Will comment here once the journey reaches the milestone 👍🤩

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Hello to fellow beginners! Hope this book really helps us to grasp the basics and be impactful in progressing to bigger tings! Love.

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Tinker Tinker

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that's awesome!

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lets do it,yooooo

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Nice easter egg!

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Let's go!

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Starting NOW !!!

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alt + F4 helps speeds up your coding

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tsuglyn commented Oct 18, 2022

Yabba Dabba do! me too...

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tyurnev commented Oct 26, 2022

Started to studying of Python :)

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OCT 2022 Good luck to all!

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vov411 commented Oct 30, 2022

Казахстан, Темиртау
4:01 Утра
Я решил стать программистом

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New here, let's go!!!

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its-ag commented Nov 14, 2022

I love your books <3

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Hi there! This is my first step in programming, and I wanna say thank you for yours stuff.

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continuing the tradition, hello everyone.

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Continuing the tradition, too.
Currently reading the book and trying to explore the world of python programming. Good luck to everyone!

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DeejC04 commented Dec 30, 2022

Just started reading :)

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emajine commented Jan 4, 2023

Just started today... This could take a while!

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Don't give up guys, keep on pushing
we are all going to make it

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ri0u commented Jan 24, 2023

Jan 2023, hoping I could continue on this endeavor, for my family, especially for my son.
Good luck to all and always remember to stay focused and importantly is to have fun!

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Starting the book today, hope I can learn python

Let´s go guys

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akoiushev commented Feb 8, 2023

Thanks for his book, Al!
Today is my first day of learning Python with your book

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let's do this guys!

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Hey, Al! Your book seems like a good fit for newbies and those looking for a refresher. Thanks for sharing :)

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eugne74 commented Mar 6, 2023

This time I'll do it:)

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HalTee commented Mar 24, 2023

Yayy, happy to continue learning

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