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Last active February 14, 2020 23:06
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Download and build the wireguard kernel module and tools for EdgeOS. see
cat <<_EOF
This script has moved!
Check out
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tturner commented Jan 5, 2019

Thanks for sharing this - I'm using it to build my own version for the e100.

What is the reason for excluding prandom_u32_max? When I run this for the e100 series, it gives the following error:

error: implicit declaration of function 'prandom_u32_max' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]


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TBK commented Jan 17, 2019

@tturner The only explanation I could find is this PR by the creator of WireGuard - longsleep/linux-pine64#67

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lorenz commented Feb 13, 2020

Does anyone have a copy of OCTEON-SDK-5.1.tbz? The original repo is gone and all repos that still have it are out of LFS bandwidth.

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aswild commented Feb 14, 2020

Hi @lorenz, I've re-hosted the Octeon toolchain on S3, it's downloaded automatically by my new version of the build script

I'm not sure if it's the full original OCTEON-SDK-5.1.tbz, but it's the GCC toolchain needed to compile for Octeon MIPS64 chips. Direct link is

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lorenz commented Feb 14, 2020

Thanks @aswild! Sadly the part I'm interested in (U-Boot) is not in there. AFAIK the cnusers SDK had it, but that has all been shut down since the acquisition by Marvell.

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