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I am going to provide a clean install guide for Custom Maid 3D 2 - 1.58.

By clean install guide, meaning you'll have to get all the package files yourself which I will list down below and you will have to follow them step by step.

What You need

Packs Needed:

  • Custom Maid 3D 2 Base Game - [150724] [KISS] カスタムメイド3D 2 + Dancer Set + Manual + Update 1.01

Optional Packs:

  • Custom Maid 3D 2 Plus Pack - [160129] [KISS] カスタムメイド3D2+ + Update 1.23
  • Custom Maid 3D 2 Plus Pack ACT. 2 - [160729] [KISS] カスタムメイド3D2+ ACT.2 + Manual + Update 1.33
  • Custom Maid 3D 2 Plus Pack ACT. 3 - [170127] [KISS] カスタムメイド3D2+ ACT.3 + Update

Start by downloading the base game and extract the archives. You should be left with the following:

  • cm3d2_1.iso
  • cm3d2_2.iso



Here's a list to the following instructions available:

Base Game Installation

1.We'll begin mounting the first iso by double clicking on cm3d2_1.iso. You should see the following:

Step 01

2.Start installer.exe

Step 02

3.Press the button highlighted in red Step 03

4.You will get this following pop up but just press OK

Step 04

5.After the installation has proceeded you will get a prompt after about halfway through

Step 05

6.You will need to eject the original iso and mount the second iso cm3d2_2.iso

Go to your This PC screen and right click the drive that has the original disk mounted

Step 06

7.Press eject

Step 07

8.Double click the folder with cm3d2_2.iso and you will see the following

Step 08

9.Go back to the installation and press retry and it should continue the installation

Step 09

10.Once installation is completed you should see this prompt, just press OK and close the installation

Step 10

Eject the disc the same way you ejected the first disc.

Now the base installation is completed!

Applying DLCs/Updates in the correct order:

You will need to download certain files to apply the patches in the following order:

1.Base Game 1.0 to 1.12 (

2.Base Game 1.12 to 1.58 ( for 64-bit or for 32-bit)

Every other DLC/Update can just be applied in any order that you like.

Using NTLeas

You will need to download NTLeas from the above as the original NTLeas downloas has been taken down. I do not have access to the 32-bit version and will update the guide if i can find it somewhere.

  1. Unzip NTLeas into C:\Kiss\ and you will end up with the following:

NTLeas Step 1

  1. Start ntleasWin.exe

NTLeas Step 2

  1. Click the ...

NTLeas Step 3

  1. Browse to the directory to find the CM3D2.exe for 32-bit and CM3D2x64.exe for 64-bit

NTLeas Step 4

  1. Select the appropriate exe file and press Open

NTLeas Step 5

  1. You should see the following after you have selected the exe

NTLeas Step 6

  1. Press the button highlighted in red to create a shortcut to the exe to launch Custom Maid 3D 2.

NTLeas Step 7

  1. Press Yes to save the shortcut to desktop or No to save it elsewhere

NTLeas Step 8

  1. Do not delete the NTLeas folder or the .exe as you will still need it in order for the game to work.

Installing Sybaris

1.Download the Sybaris Zip located above in Resources for the game version you have and extract them out on your Desktop. The extracted files will look something like this

Sybaris Step 1

2.Create a Sybaris Folder in your Custom Maid 3D 2 Installation Location

Sybaris Step 2

3.Copy the contents of the folder in Step 1 into the Sybaris Folder and you will end up with the following folder structure

Sybaris Step 3

4.Extract the contents of x64-x86 into somewhere and you will see the following

Sybaris Step 4

5.Place the file opengl32.dll (Pick the x86 version for 32-bit and x64 version for 64-bit )into C:/KISS/CM3D2/ and you should have the following structure.

Sybaris Step 5

6.Place any mods you want into the Sybaris/GameData folder and you're done! You can launch the game through the Desktop shortcut you created with NTLeas

Applying DLC/Updates

There are two types of updates that you may face while you are trying to install DLCs or updating the base installation itself. I will cover both installations below


1.Extract the archive to reveal the folder of contents with update.exe located in it

Update Step 1

2.Proceed by launching update.exe. You should see the following screen

Update Step 2

3.Press the button highlighted in Red

Update Step 3

4.You will see the following prompt and the version of the existing files and to the version that they will be after the update

Update Step 4

5.Press the button highlighted in Red

Update Step 5

6.You will get a progress bar while it's updating

Update Step 6

7.Once the update is done, you will see the following dialog. Just press OK and you can close the program. The update has been completed

Update Step 7


1.Extract the archive to reveal the folder of contents with selector.exe located in it

Selector Step 1

2.Proceed by launching selector.exe. You should see the following screen

Selector Step 2

3.Press the button highlighted in Red (Please note that the second button is for Chu-B Lip versions, most of us do not have the Chu-B Lip so we will not be applying that version)

Selector Step 3

  1. Go back to update.exe and start from Step 2.

Alternate Installation Directory

If you intend to run Custom Maid from a different location other than C:. You'll have to change the following parameters in the Sybaris.ini file located in the Sybaris folder.

Change the following to the drive or folder that you have CM3D2 installed in.


For example if you installed CM3D2 into D:\ you change the above two lines by removing the semi colons and changing the drive letter


Save the Sybaris.ini file and then start your game

Hot Keys

  • A - Maid Fiddler
  • F2 - HalfDressing
  • F4 - Shape Animator
  • F5 - ModsSlider (Edit Screen); Yotogi Slider (Yotogi)
  • F6 - Mulitple Maids Face Control
  • F7 - Multiple Maids (In Office)
  • F9 - Face Control
  • F12 - ACCex
  • Camera Utility Hot Keys

Other Resources



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So where are the opengl's for Sybaris 155. They are not with the file from the download link?

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