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Dear Governor Newsom,
I’ve been disappointed, outraged, and saddened by the response of city and state government to the protests of the last week. People all across the state are calling for desperately needed reforms to eliminate police murder of black and brown Californians. These calls have been met with callous disregard and shocking displays of violence by local police departments.
That disregard found a face and a voice in Los Angeles police Chief Michael Moore this week. Chief Moore’s nonsensical statement that the protestors were somehow responsible for George Floyd’s death added insult to the enormous injury caused by his department’s incompetent and inflammatory response to the protests.
I ask you to call for Chief Moore’s resignation. Show us that California’s leaders care about the black and brown Californians they are sworn to represent and protect and that you can hear the voices of the thousands of people from all over the state who stand in solidarity with them.
California can be better than Chief Moore.
A Concerned Californian
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