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How I have NeoVim set up for ReasonML Development

Install neovim python package:

$ pip2 install neovim
$ pip3 install neovim

Per, install global binaries:

$ npm install -g # For macOS

This installs refmt and Merlin.

Install vim-reason, Neoformat, and ale.

Do this in your .vimrc/init.vim:

if executable('refmt')
  let g:neoformat_reason_refmt = {
        \ 'exe': 'refmt',
        \ 'stdin': 1,
        \ }

  let g:neoformat_enabled_reason = ['refmt']

  augroup refmt
    autocmd BufWritePre *.re Neoformat
  augroup END

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@athaeryn athaeryn commented Aug 22, 2017

Typing just this causes a weird error:

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