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Groceristar Health labels data
Diet and Health Labels
Type Web Label API Parameter Definition
"Diet" "Balanced" "balanced" "Protein/Fat/Carb values in 15/35/50 ratio"
"Diet" "High-Fiber" "high-fiber" "More than 5g fiber per serving"
"Diet" "High-Protein" "high-protein" "More than 50% of total calories from proteins"
"Diet" "Low-Carb" "low-carb" "Less than 20% of total calories from carbs"
"Diet" "Low-Fat" "low-fat" "Less than 15% of total calories from fat"
"Diet" "Low-Sodium" "low-sodium" "Less than 140mg Na per serving"
"Health" "Alcohol" "alcohol-free" "No alcohol used or contained in the recipe"
"Health" "Alcohol-free" "alcohol-free" "No alcohol used or contained"
"Health" "Celery-free" "celery-free" "does not contain celery or derivatives"
"Health" "Crustcean-free" "crustacean-free" "does not contain crustaceans (shrimp, lobster etc.) or derivatives"
"Health" "Dairy" "dairy-free" "No dairy; no lactose"
"Health" "Eggs" "egg-free" "No eggs or products containing eggs"
"Health" "Fish" "fish-free" "No fish or fish derivatives"
"Health" "Gluten" "gluten-free" "No ingredients containing gluten"
"Health" "Kidney friendly" "kidney-friendly" "per serving – phosphorus less than 250 mg AND potassium less than 500 mg AND sodium: less than 500 mg"
"Health" "Kosher" "kosher" "contains only ingredients allowed by the kosher "Diet". However it does not guarantee kosher preparation of the ingredients themselves"
"Health" "Low potassium" "low-potassium" "Less than 150mg per serving"
"Health" "Lupine-free" "lupine-free" "does not contain lupine or derivatives"
"Health" "Mustard-free" "mustard-free" "does not contain mustard or derivatives"
"Health" "n/a" "low-fat-abs" "Less than 3g of fat per serving"
"Health" "No oil added" "No-oil-added" "No oil added except to what is contained in the basic ingredients"
"Health" "No-sugar" "low-sugar" "No simple sugars – glucose, dextrose, galactose, fructose, sucrose, lactose, maltose"
"Health" "Paleo" "paleo" "Excludes what are perceived to be agricultural products; grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils"
"Health" "Peanuts" "peanut-free" "No peanuts or products containing peanuts"
"Health" "Pescatarian" "pecatarian" "Does not contain meat or meat based products, can contain dairy and fish"
"Health" "Pork-free" "pork-free" "does not contain pork or derivatives"
"Health" "Red meat-free" "red-meat-free" "does not contain beef, lamb, pork, duck, goose, game, horse, and other types of red meat or products containing red meat."
"Health" "Sesame-free" "sesame-free" "does not contain sesame seed or derivatives"
"Health" "Shellfish" "shellfish-free" "No shellfish or shellfish derivatives"
"Health" "Soy" "soy-free" "No soy or products containing soy"
"Health" "Sugar-conscious" "sugar-conscious" "Less than 4g of sugar per serving"
"Health" "Tree Nuts" "tree-nut-free" "No tree nuts or products containing tree nuts"
"Health" "Vegan" "vegan" "No meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs or honey"
"Health" "Vegetarian" "vegetarian" "No meat, poultry, or fish"
"Health" "Wheat-free" "wheat-free" "No wheat, can have gluten though"
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