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Hipchat with IRSSI

If you are adventurous, here the process to have Hipchat working in your favourite IRC client:

  • First, you need to install the IRSSI XMPP plugin. You can find this package in your distribution, but I advice you to use the latest version possible if you don't want this segfault errors everywhere:

  • The first version released after the patch fix is the 0.52-2 that you can download here: (No dependencies so it should work in any Debian distributions)

  • Once it's done. You have to configure IRSSI. Either via command line, either manually in the ~/.irssi/config file. I followed this thread: and it was pretty successful.

  • You can find your XMPP access on your HipChat account on this page: Everything has a XMPP account id. Even the Rooms name. So you have to use these instead of the real names for your IRSSI config.

  • One last thing is that HipChat don't let you choose the nickname you want. Your IRSSI one must be the same as configured in HipChat. To make it work nicely alongside my current IRC config, I configured the alternate nickname.

Finally, once all that is done. Open IRSSI. Load the XMPP plugin

  /load XMPP

Change your alternate nickname

  /set alternate_nick Your Full Name

And connect to HipChat

  /connect hipchat

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@renderorange renderorange commented Oct 29, 2015

"I followed this thread: and it was pretty successful."
"[irssi-xmpp] Learn how people in your profession can earn a 30% increase! ... The starting salary is about ~2000 Euro per month + bonuses."


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@bluesaxman bluesaxman commented Apr 22, 2016

I think he meant this thread:

Almost all of the rest of the threads there are spam, but if you go to thread index and use find to search for hipchat, you can find it fairly easy.

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