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Created Sep 13, 2010
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hanoi(N) ->
hanoi(N, a, c, [], fun lists:reverse/1).
hanoi(0, _, _, Moves, K) ->
hanoi(N, From, To, Moves, K) ->
[Temp] = [a,b,c] -- [From, To],
hanoi(N-1, From, Temp, Moves,
fun(Moves) ->
hanoi(N-1, Temp, To, [{N, From, To}|Moves], K)
print_moves([]) ->
print_moves([{N, From, To}|Moves]) ->
io:format("move disk ~w from ~w to ~w~n", [N, From, To]),
main([N]) ->
% Example:
% $ erl -noshell -s hanoi main 3 -s init stop
% move disk 1 from a to c
% move disk 2 from a to b
% move disk 1 from c to b
% move disk 3 from a to c
% move disk 1 from b to a
% move disk 2 from b to c
% move disk 1 from a to c
% $
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