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Created Mar 31, 2011
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an idea of alternative macros for letfn (I hate its too deep indents)
(letfn [(kons [x y]
(cons x y))]
(kons 1 nil))
(defmacro letfn1 [name args & form]
(let [fbody (butlast form)
body (last form)]
`(letfn [(~name ~args ~@fbody)]
(letfn1 kons [x y]
(cons x y)
(kons 1 nil))
(defmacro local-defns [& forms]
(let [[defns body] (split-with #(= (first %) 'defn) forms)]
`(letfn ~(vec (for [[_ name args & fbody] defns]
`(~name ~args ~@fbody)))
(defn kons [x y]
(cons x y))
(kons 1 nil))
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