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Title Conference License
Transducers Strange Loop 2014 CC BY
Implementation details of core.async Channels EuroClojure CC BY-NC
Design, Composition and Performance QCon San Francisco 2013 InfoQ *1
Clojure core.async Channels Strange Loop 2013 InfoQ *1
The Language of the System Clojure/conj 2012 standard YouTube license *2
The Value of Values JaxConf 2012 standard YouTube license *2
Reducers QCon NY 2012 InfoQ *1
Simple Made Easy Strange Loop 2011 InfoQ *1
Hammock-driven Development Clojure/conj 2010 standard YouTube license *2
Are We There Yet? JVM Language Summit 2009 InfoQ *1

*1: YouTube Use of Content *2: InfoQ copyright Statement

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