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Last active Apr 17, 2020
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Breweries on OSM

I've set up a goal of mapping all Norwegian (and possibly other countries as well) breweries on OpenStreetMap. However, there are some obstackles here.

Broadly, breweries can be divided into these categories

  • Industrial breweries (Think anheuser bush ect)
  • Craft Breweries (Think Sierra Nevada and such)
  • Brewpubs (Think of your local bar with a 100 liter brewery in the cellar)
  • Farmbreweries (Think of a farmer that brews beer in addition to farm tourism etc)
  • Home Brewers (Think of yourself)

Many would lump Craft Breweries, Brewpubs and Farmbreweries in one category, and home brewers are of no interest to OSM.

I've done some research online and found these resources regarding breweries

Tagging of breweries

From what I gather there are a lot of options for creating a brewery:

  1. A large, industrial brewery gets tagged with industrial=brewery, and name=name of brewery and operator=name of operator
  2. A craft brewery gets tagged with craft=brewery, and name=name of brewery and operator=name of operator
  3. A brewpub gets tagged as amenity=pub (or other if applicable), and the microbrewery=yes tag. This is to not duplicate existing pubs etc. If the name of the pub differs from the name of the brewery located at the pub, use operator=name of brewery
  4. Farmbreweries gets added either as craft=brewery is there are no other functions mapped, else with microbrewery=yes (if the brewery building is tagged as something else as well (shop, resturant etc)

For all of these categories, add appropriate address-tags, and a website-tag if applicable.

Additional tags

If the brewery has either a tasting room or a bottle/growler-fill-shop (or both), the tags

  • tastingroom=yes for tastingrooms
  • bottleshop=yes for bottleshop etc

Make sure to add opening_hours=* if you know these. And, if they (like Guinness etc) offers tours etc, consider adding tourism=attraction.

Geometry types

The brewery tags can be used on either a building or a node (an possibly on a landuse-polygon)


Consider checking if you are uncertain wether a brewery should be added.


This query gets all breweries in a country

out geom;
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