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GSoC 2019 Work Report


GSoC 2018 Work Product - Amartya Mondal

Student Amartya Mondal
GitHub @atm1504
Organisation FOSSASIA
Project SUSI.AI Android Client and Smart Speaker
Technologies used Java, Kotlin, XML


Enhance the functionalities of the SUSI.AI android app. It focusses on the integration of SUSI.AI smart speaker with the app, enhancement of controllable functionalities of smart speakers from the app. Also, fix all the present bugs and add other require features to present it in a productionable form.

My work during GSoC 2018


This GSoC, I mainly worked on FOSSASIA's SUSI.AI Android App making it suitable to configure the SUSI Smart Speaker. SUSI.AI is an intelligent open source personal assistant capable of chat and voice interactions.

The main goal of the project was to enhance the SUSI.AI Android app by adding the following features and functionalities :

  • Implementation of planned actions
  • Enhancement of the old method to configure SUSI Smart Speaker
  • Implemented new method to configure SUSI Smart Speaker
  • Addition of multi language support
  • Implementation of addition of room name, location during device setup
  • Implementation of editing of device details
  • Implementation of sorting of feedbacks
  • Implementation of filtering skills
  • Implementation of manage device section
  • Implementation of Remember Me option
  • Implementation of resend message feature
  • Implementation of search of skills and chats both by typing and by voice input
  • Implementationof display of connected devices
  • Fix major bugs and crashes.
  • Refactor code to improve code quality.
  • Write unit tests.

Code contributions

SUSI.AI Android App

A brief overview of my work

Community Bonding Period :

  • Fixed bugs
  • Added simple features like hyperlinking of words, privacy page.
  • Implemented gestures, shimmer effect.
  • Learnt about Wi-FI manager which was used for device setup.
  • Learnt to write code in Kotlin.

Coding Phase 1 :

  • Refactored existing codebase.
  • Fixed bugs and crashes.
  • Implemented search of chats, skills via typing and voice input.
  • Resolved UI bugs.
  • Started setting up of SUSI Smart Speaker.
  • Fixed smart speaker connection with open Wi-Fi.
  • Made a release of stable version of SUSI.AI Android app on Google Play Store.

Coding Phase 2 :

  • Fixed smart speaker connection issue when mobile is already connected to another Wi-Fi
  • Implemented addition of location, room name during device setup
  • Implemented display of connected devices
  • Reimplemented smart speaker setup process in a way similar to Google Home.
  • Fixed issues related to hotword detection
  • Implemented feature to resend messages
  • Made a release of stable version of SUSI.AI Android app on Google Play Store.

Coding Phase 3:

  • Implemented feature to filter skills according to user choice
  • Implemeted planned actions
  • Fixed apk generating script
  • Implemented feature that shows feedback in a proper order
  • Implemented feature to edit device details
  • Implemented password validations
  • Written unit tests
  • Fixed minor bugs present in the app

Get it on Google Play


Login Screen

Permissions Dialog

Speech Output

Chat Search

Skills Listing Page


Reviews of a Skill


View Devices

Edit Device Details

Device Setup Page

Device Setup Page

Device Setup Page

Wi-Fi Selection Page

Wi-Fi Password Setup

Add Room Page

Account Setup Page

Device Setup Confirmation


All my blogs can be found here.


I conducted various meetups during GSoC to introduce people to open source and to motivate them to start contributing to open source projects. Here are the links to the events :

Additional Links

Thank you FOSSASIA for an amazing summer of code! 😃 🎉

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