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Compact dynamically expanding VirtualBox CentOS image
1. Delete unnecessary files from image
2. sudo yum install zerofree
3. reboot, edit kernel parameters, add 'rescue single ro'
4. remount root read-only:
sudo mount -r -o remount /dev/mapper/vg_centos6generic-lv_root
5. null the free space (-v = verbose, -n = dry run):
sudo zerofree -v /dev/mapper/vg_centos6generic-lv_root
6. turn off VM
7 from host OS:
vboxmanage modifyhd --compact MachineDisk.vdi
Was able to shrink 50GB image to 36GB with only 366MB free space on the host machine.

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@xabolcs xabolcs commented Aug 25, 2016


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