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mpro% rake staging deploy --trace
(in /Users/atmos/Source/awesome)
** Invoke staging (first_time)
** Execute staging
** Invoke deploy (first_time)
** Invoke define_roles (first_time)
** Execute define_roles
** Invoke vlad:stop (first_time)
** Execute vlad:stop
** Invoke vlad:stop_app (first_time)
** Execute vlad:stop_app
ssh eyXX-sYYYYY sudo /usr/bin/god stop ninja
Sending 'stop' command
No matching task or group
** Invoke vlad:stop_web (first_time)
** Execute vlad:stop_web
ssh eyXX-sYYYYY cp -f /data/ninja/shared/config/maintenance.html /data/ninja/shared/system/
** Invoke vlad:update (first_time)
** Execute vlad:update
ssh eyXX-sYYYYY cd /data/ninja/scm && rm -rf repo && git clone repo && cd repo && git checkout -f -b deployed-origin/master origin/master && mkdir -p /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340 && git archive --format=tar HEAD | (cd /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340 && tar xf -) && chmod -R g+w /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340 && rm -rf /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/log /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/public/system /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/tmp/pids && mkdir -p /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/db /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/tmp && ln -s /data/ninja/shared/log /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/log && ln -s /data/ninja/shared/system /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/public/system && ln -s /data/ninja/shared/pids /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/tmp/pids
Initialized empty Git repository in /data/ninja/scm/repo/.git/
Switched to a new branch "deployed-origin/master"
ssh eyXX-sYYYYY rm -f /data/ninja/current && ln -s /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340 /data/ninja/current
ssh eyXX-sYYYYY echo 200810192354.27 $USER origin/master 20081019235340 >> /data/ninja/revisions.log
** Invoke vlad:symlink_configs (first_time)
** Execute vlad:symlink_configs
ssh eyXX-sYYYYY ln -nfs /data/ninja/shared/config/database.yml /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/config/database.yml && mkdir -p /data/ninja/releases/20081019235340/tmp/cache
** Invoke vlad:start (first_time)
** Execute vlad:start
** Invoke vlad:start_app (first_time)
** Execute vlad:start_app
ssh eyXX-sYYYYY sudo /usr/bin/god restart ninja
Sending 'restart' command
No matching task or group
** Invoke vlad:start_web (first_time)
** Execute vlad:start_web
ssh eyXX-sYYYYY if [ -f /data/ninja/shared/system/maintenance.html ]; then rm -f /data/ninja/shared/system/maintenance.html; fi
** Execute deploy
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