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FOSDEM 2020 Testing & Automation devroom CfP Draft
After 1 year pause Testing and Automation devroom is coming again to
[FOSDEM]( This room is about building better
software through a focus on testing and automation at all layers of
the stack. From creating libraries and end-user applications all the
way down to packaging, distribution and deployment. Testing and
automation is not isolated to a single toolchain, language or
platform, there is much to learn and share regardless of background!
# What
Since Testing and Automation devroom has been a regular at FOSDEM, here are some
ideas of what we would like to see, and what worked in prior years, they're just
ideas though. Check out the
schedules for inspiration.
### Testing in the real, open source world
* War stories/strategies for testing large scale or complex projects
* Demistyfy resource e.g. systems/device/cloud provisioning in a CI loop
* Tools that extend the ability to test low-level code, for example bootloaders, init systems, etc.
* Projects that are introducing new/interesting ways of testing "systems"
* Address the automated testing frameworks fragmentation
* Lessons learned from testing
### Cool Tools (good candidates for lightning talks)
* How your open source tool made developing quality software better
* What tools do you use to setup your CI/CD
* Combining projects/plugins/tools to build amazing things "Not enough
people in the open source community know how to use $X, but here's a
tutorial on how to use $X to make your project better."
# Where
FOSDEM is hosted at [Université libre de Bruxelles in Brussels,
# When
* CFP Submission Deadline: **23:59 UTC, 10 December 2019**
* Schedule Announced: **15 December 2019**
* Presentations: **1 February 2020**
# How
Please submit one (or more) 30-40 minute talk proposal(s) OR one (or
more) 10 minute lightning talk proposal(s) by **23:59 UTC on December
10th 2019**. We will notify all those submitting proposals about their
acceptance by December 15th 2019.
To submit a talk proposal (you can submit multiple proposals if you'd
like) with [Pentabarf](,
the FOSDEM paper submission system. Be sure to select `Testing and
Automation` otherwise we won't see it!
You can create an account, or use an existing account if you already have one.
Please note: FOSDEM is a
community event, by and for the community, please ensure your topic is
appropriate (i.e. this isn't the right forum for commercial product
# Who
* [A. Todorov]( - Kiwi TCMS project lead
* [A. Sankov]( - Kiwi TCMS developer
* [A. Roxell]( - Linaro, QA and Kernel Engineer
* [C. Hrubis]( - SUSE
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