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Coffeescript source code for a bookmarklet to generate QIF files for SMILE bank.
#Bookmarklet to generate QIF for Recent Item and Previous Statement pages on bank
#Will (try to) open a new popup window where you will have to either:
#a) Copy text from and paste to text editor (Chrome)
#b) Save the page as a text file (Firefox)
#Written in Coffescript, but just use to compress the
#compiled javascript so you have a bookmarklet.
data = document.getElementsByClassName("summaryTable")[0].children[1].children
qif = "!Type:Bank<br />"
transaction = (row) ->
unless row.childElementCount is 0 #skip last row on Recent Items page
unless row.children[1].innerHTML.trim() is "BROUGHT FORWARD" #skip first row on Previous Statements page
qif += "D"+row.children[0].innerHTML.trim()+"<br />"
qif += "P"+row.children[1].innerHTML.trim()+"<br />"
#Then need transaction amount
unless row.children[2].innerHTML.trim() is "&nbsp;"
qif += "T"+row.children[2].innerHTML.trim().substring(1)+"<br />"
qif += "T-"+row.children[3].innerHTML.trim().substring(1)+"<br />"
qif += "^<br />"
transaction(row) for row in data"data:text/html;charset=utf-8,"+qif)
undefined #To get the void 0 bit so doesn't affect current window.
var data,qif,row,transaction,_i,_len;data=document.getElementsByClassName("summaryTable")[0].children[1].children;qif="!Type:Bank<br />";transaction=function(row){if(row.childElementCount!==1){if(row.children[1].innerHTML.trim()!=="BROUGHT FORWARD"){qif+="D"+row.children[0].innerHTML.trim()+"<br />";qif+="P"+row.children[1].innerHTML.trim()+"<br />";if(row.children[2].innerHTML.trim()!=="&nbsp;"){qif+="T"+row.children[2].innerHTML.trim().substring(1)+"<br />"}else{qif+="T-"+row.children[3].innerHTML.trim().substring(1)+"<br />"}return qif+="^<br />"}}};for(_i=0,_len=data.length;_i<_len;_i++){row=data[_i];transaction(row)}"data:text/html;charset=utf-8,"+qif);void 0;
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bensauer commented Jan 7, 2014

hey, nice work! This would save me a lot of time.... but... Doesn't work at the moment, I presume because there are now two summaryTables. Fancy fixing it? Cheers!

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Ok. Fixed this. Tested and works for me. The problem was a slight change in mark-up for the last row of the table in "Recent Items". I.e. there is now a table row with just one element.

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Wonder if this needs updating for the recent changes?

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Minor tweak. Now seems to be called "summaryTable" instead of "summarytable"

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