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iTunes Script - Add Wishlist Item. Note that this information is probably out of date. It is being added here for reference/archival purposes and relates to a blog post from 2005
-- This script uses a dummy mp3 file (not supplied) to add a wishlist item to a specified playlist in your library.
-- Useful for when the track isn't available from the iTMS (and hence you can't drag this in as a wishlist item) and you want to remember to acquire it later from 'other sources'. You can use the dummy track in a playlist to act as a placeholder until you obtain it. I.e. to layout a running order, etc.
-- Use Quicktime to create a dummy mp3 file. Open a new player and just save as to create a mp3.
--Place the dummy file somewhere suitable, amend the path below
--Amend the wishlist playlist name if so desired
--This script (last time I checked) worked better when complied as an application, otherwise some Apple Event time out errors occur with the dialogs sometimes
--The script will prompt for a name, artist and album when run.
tell application "iTunes"
set win to front browser window
tell win
display dialog "Add placeholder file" & return & return & ¬
"Track Title:" default answer ""
set track_title to the text returned of the result
display dialog ¬
"Artist:" default answer ""
set track_artist to the text returned of the result
display dialog ¬
"Album:" default answer ""
set track_album to the text returned of the result
-- add dummy track, change location to suit
add "Powerbook HD:Users:you:Music:temp.mp3"
end tell
--change wishlist to whatever your wishlist playlist is calledr
duplicate track "temp.mp3" of playlist "Library" to playlist "Wishlist"
set this_track to track "temp.mp3" of playlist "Wishlist"
set the name of this_track to the track_title
set the artist of this_track to the track_artist
set the album of this_track to the track_album
set enabled of this_track to false
end try
end tell
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