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FCE Timecode Display Plugin. Note that this information is probably out of date. It is being added here for reference/archival purposes and relates to a blog post from 2005
// FCE Timecode Display - by PieroF and i5m - v3.0.1 - 01-Feb-2005
// ========
// This plugin is freeware. Do what the hell you want with it.
// =======
// Get in touch: /
// ============
// To install this plugin simply place in your FCE plugins directory in your home folder
// In FCE 3 this is:
// ~/Library/Preferences/Final Cut Express User Data/Plugins
// Then look for the "PieroFi5m" folder under the Video Filters menu.
// Alternative install locations (as an Admin user) include:
// /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Express Support/Plugins
// or CTRL+click on the Application package, select Get Info and add the plugin that way.
// This will make the plugin available for all users of a machine. The /Library location is
// preferred since it *shouldn't* be affected by product updates. Should the plugin fail to
// show up try installing in the Users folder as above.
// ============
// This plugin displays timecode formats for PAL (25fps) and NTSC (29.97fps).
// In the case of NTSC drop-frame and non-drop frame timecode is indicated by "df" or "ndf"
// The is (currently) no way of choosing a different timecode format that the clips default
// Various options are available for configuring the display.
// =======
// 3.0.1. Corrected name of Delta from IN/OUT to more accurately reflect what it does, i.e. displays handle size
// 3.0 Additional features by PieroF - 27-Jan-2006 (marked //PF3): //PF3
// 1. Added display of Clip Start & End Timecode: [xx:xx:xx:xx] //PF3
// 2. Added display of handles size: ±xx:xx:xx:xx (origin: IN & OUT) //PF3
// 3. Added Control for selecting IN & OUT (in place of 1, 2, all) //PF3
// 4. Added Control for selecting Start & End //PF3
// 5. Added Control for selecting handles size //PF3
// 6. Moved controls to a better position //PF3
// 7. Disabled Control for Left, Center, Right Alignment, ONLY WHEN Text Display = Inline //PF3
// 8. Modified Alpha handling: removed AlphaType(kblack) to avoid side effects (see code) //PF3
// TechNote: Used GetLimits to get the offset of the IN point and the total length of the clip //PF3
// By combining them with the infos from GetTimeCode, both the Start and the End //PF3
// (physical) timecodes of the clip can be computed. //PF3
// In the Viewer GetTimeCode returns values as if IN=Start and OUT=End //PF3
// In the Canvas GetTimeCode values refer to the actual IN and OUT points //PF3
// 2.2 Adds in ability to display text Stacked or inline by i5m - 21-Nov-2005
// 2.1 Additional features by PieroF - 19-Nov-2005
// 1. Use of Matte in Place of Screen - last line //PF
// 2. Added Control for Left, Center, Right Alignment //PF
// 3. Added Control for selecting 1, 2 or all the output lines //PF
// 4. Added Control for Line Spacing //PF
// 2.0 Version 2 adds the Start and End timecodes (Above and Below) the current frame's timecode
// Unfortunately (techy info) I can't find a way of using Drawstringplain with three text strings
// which means the slower drawstring and image buffer routine has to be used
// Shouldn't be a problem as you shouldn't be rendering this anyway. Should you?! Some of the
// original comments have been removed, get v1 for those if interested
// ========
// All my notes and comments are included
// With inspiration from and thanks to:
// This replaces the previous Timecode Display v3
// scriptid "FCE Timecode Display -PieroFi5m -v3.0.1 01-Feb-2006" //DO NOT LOCALIZE
filter "FCE Timecode Display v3.0.1", 120;
group "PieroFi5m";
// AlphaType(kblack); // removed because Alpha remained Black even AFTER removing the filter!! //PF3
// This required unnecessary RENDERING of the clip even after removing this filter! //PF3
// ...or: alternatively I had to manually reset Alpha to None in the clip Properties: annoying //PF3
// After removal, Alpha is unchanged (None/Ignore) and this filter works fine anyway... //PF3
input info, "Refer to source for further info", Label, "string"; //PF
input wantCurrent, "Current TimeCode", CheckBox, 1; //PF
input wantINOUT, "IN/OUT TimeCode xx:xx", CheckBox, 1; //PF3
input wantStartEnd, "Media Limits TimeCode [xx:xx]", CheckBox, 0; //PF3
input wantDelta, "Media Handle Size from IN/OUT ±xx:xx", CheckBox, 0; //PF3
input fontname, "Font", FontList, "", "str";
input fontsize, "Size", slider, 11, 8, 100 detent 11;
input lineSpace, "Text Spacing", slider, 1, 0, 2; //PF
input center, "Reference Point", point, 0, 0; //PF
input fontcolor, "Font Color", color, 255, 255, 255, 255;
input stack, "Text Display", popup, 1, "Stacked", "Inline";
input justify, "Justify", popup, 2, "Left", "Center", "Right"; //PF
Invalentireitem //Used to reset each frame
//RenderEachFrameWhenStill //not needed, stills won't have timecode
code // any variable defined in the code section should resest each frame
if stack==2; justify=2; end if; // Justify applies only is Stacked //PF3
point centeroftm, framesize;
string textStartTC, textEndTC, textTC, textDF, textFR, textTCstring;
float clipTC, clipFR, clipDF, clipDuration, clipStartTC, clipEndTC;
float xdelta, ydeltaFirst, ydeltaLast, ydeltaCurrent, Lines; //PF
float glDuration, glOffset, yDeltaCorrect, xDeltaFactor, tracking; //PF3
string textStartClip, textEndClip, textStart, textEnd; //PF3
string textDeltaStart, textDeltaEnd; //PF3
float height, ascent, descent; // unused but necessary for MeasureString //PF3
float widthStart, widthCurrent, widthEnd; //PF3
yDeltaCorrect = 0.35; // to center output vertically //PF3
xDeltaFactor = 2; // to set horizontal gap in Inline //PF3
dimensionsof(dest, framesize.x, framesize.y);
centeroftm = framesize;
centeroftm *= center;
image bufferTC[framesize.x][framesize.y];
//Don't think below is needed
//setpixelformat (bufferTC, kformatRGB255);
//channelFill(destImage, alphaValue, red, green, blue)
channelFill(BufferTC, 0, 255, 255, 255);
fontcolor.a = 255;
fontsize /= 320/framesize.x;
tracking = 2 * (framesize.x/720); //PF3
setTextjustify(justify==1?kleftjustify:(justify==2?kcenterjustify:krightjustify)); //PF
GetTimeCode(Clip1, clipTC, clipFR, clipDF);
//clipTC -= frame/(fieldprocessing+1);
//The above line is from
//recommended for field/frame errors, especially wrt to NTSC.
//Can't get to work though, probably me not using frame properly.
// GetLimits returns: //PF3
// duration (float) = total duration of clip (start to end - NO in/out) //PF3
// offset (float) = IN point relative to clip start //PF3
getLimits(Clip1, glDuration, glOffset); //PF3
clipDuration = duration
clipStartTC = clipTC - (clipDuration * Ratio)
clipEndTC = clipTC + (clipDuration - (clipDuration * Ratio)) -1
//duration * ratio should give the frame.
// NOTE: when in the Canvas, ratio refers to the interval IN to OUT //PF3
// clipStartTC is the timeCode of the IN point //PF3
// The following evaluates textStart/EndClip and textDeltaStart/End //PF3
// Since glOffset is the offset of the IN point relative to the clip Start //PF3
// Then, clipStartTC - glOffset = timeCode of the clip Start //PF3
numToString(clipStartTC - glOffset, textStartClip, k25fps); //PF3
numToString(-glOffset, textDeltaStart, k25fps); //PF3
numToString(clipStartTC - glOffset + glDuration - 1, textEndClip, k25fps); //PF3
numToString(glDuration - clipDuration - glOffset, textDeltaEnd, k25fps); //PF3
if clipFR == 25;
numtostring(clipTC, textTC, k25fps);
textDF ="";
numtostring(clipStartTC, textStartTC, k25fps);
numtostring(clipEndTC, textEndTC, k25fps);
end if;
if clipFR == 29; //for some reason my test NTSC clips are 29fps as reported by gettimecode
if clipDF == 0;
numtostring(clipTC, textTC, k30fps);
textDF= " ndf";
numtostring(clipStartTC, textStartTC, k30fps);
numtostring(clipEndTC, textEndTC, k30fps);
numtostring(clipTC, textTC, k30df);
textDF= " df";
numtostring(clipStartTC, textStartTC, k30df);
numtostring(clipEndTC, textEndTC, k30df);
end if;
end if;
dest = src1; //set to stop fce being stupid
numtostring(clipFR, textFR, 0);
textTCstring = textTC + " @ " + textFR +"fps" + textDF;
// The following section is new: //PF3
// it prepares textStart and textEnd according to the new control values //PF3
// Cannot use more compact code since ( ? : ) does not work for strings... //PF3
textStart = ""; //PF3
textEnd = ""; //PF3
if wantINOUT; //PF3
textStart = textStartTC; //PF3
textEnd = textEndTC; //PF3
end if; //PF3
if wantDelta; //PF3
if (glOffset != 0); //PF3
if textStart!=""; //PF3
textStart = "-" + textDeltaStart + " " + textStart; //PF3
else; //PF3
textStart = "-" + textDeltaStart; //PF3
end if; //PF3
end if; //PF3
if (glDuration != clipDuration); //PF3
if textEnd!=""; //PF3
textEnd = textEnd + " +"+ textDeltaEnd; //PF3
else; //PF3
textEnd = "+"+ textDeltaEnd; //PF3
end if; //PF3
end if; //PF3
end if; //PF3
if wantStartEnd; //PF3
if (glOffset != 0 or (not wantINOUT)); //PF3
if textStart!=""; //PF3
textStart = "[" + textStartClip + "] " + textStart; //PF3
else; //PF3
textStart = "[" + textStartClip + "]"; //PF3
end if; //PF3
end if; //PF3
if (glDuration != clipDuration or (not wantINOUT)); //PF3
if textEnd!=""; //PF3
textEnd = textEnd + " [" + textEndClip + "]"; //PF3
else; //PF3
textEnd = "[" + textEndClip + "]"; //PF3
end if; //PF3
end if; //PF3
end if; //PF3
//The following code evaluates the string width of Start, End and TC //PF3
//MeasureString(string(I), spacing(I), width(O), height(O), ascent(O), descent(O), aspect(I)): //PF3
measurestring(textStart, tracking, widthStart, height, ascent, descent, aspectOf(dest)); //PF3
measurestring(textTCstring, tracking, widthCurrent, height, ascent, descent, aspectOf(dest)); //PF3
measurestring(textEnd, tracking, widthEnd, height, ascent, descent, aspectOf(dest)); //PF3
lines = wantCurrent + ((wantINOUT or wantStartEnd or wantDelta) ? 2 : 0); //PF3
ydeltaFirst = yDeltaCorrect + lineSpace*(lines==3 ? -1.5 : (lines==2 ? -1 : 0)); //PF3
ydeltaLast = yDeltaCorrect + lineSpace*(lines==3 ? 1.5 : (lines==2 ? 1 : 0)); //PF3
ydeltaCurrent = yDeltaCorrect; //PF3
if stack == 2
ydeltaFirst = yDeltaCorrect;
ydeltaLast = yDeltaCorrect;
ydeltaCurrent = yDeltaCorrect;
xdelta = linespace * fontsize * xDeltaFactor + wantCurrent*widthCurrent/2 + (widthStart>widthEnd ? widthStart : widthEnd)/2; //PF3
end if;
//Below is reminder for me
//DrawString(string, h, v, spacing, image, color, aspect)
if (wantINOUT or wantStartEnd or wantDelta);
drawstring(textStart, centeroftm.x-xdelta, centeroftm.y+ydeltaFirst*fontsize, tracking, bufferTC, fontcolor, aspectof(dest));
drawstring(textEnd, centeroftm.x+xdelta, centeroftm.y+ydeltaLast*fontsize, tracking, bufferTC, fontcolor, aspectof(dest));
end if; //PF3
if wantCurrent or not(wantINOUT or wantStartEnd or wantDelta);
drawstring(textTCstring, centeroftm.x, centeroftm.y+ydeltaCurrent*fontsize, tracking, bufferTC, fontcolor, aspectof(dest));
end if; //PF3
matte(bufferTC, dest, dest, 1, kalpha) //PF
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