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Created March 28, 2011 09:28
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FXScript Counter plugin for Apple's Final Cut Express. Note that this information is probably out of date. It is being added here for reference/archival purposes and relates to a blog post from 2005
// To install this plugin simply place in your FCE plugins directory in your home folder
// In FCE 3 this is:
// ~/Library/Preferences/Final Cut Express User Data/Plugins
// All my notes and comments are included
// With inspiration from and thanks to:
// 0.9.1 - Added in offset
// scriptid "FCE Counter -i5m - v0.9.1 21-Nov-2005" //DO NOT LOCALIZE
filter "FCE Counter", 120;
group "i5m";
input tm_offset, "Hundredths of seconds", slider, 0, 0, 360000;
input fontname, "Font", FontList, "", "str";
input fontsize, "Size", slider, 22, 8, 100 detent 22;
input center, "Center", point, 0, 0;
input fontcolor, "Font Color", color, 255, 255, 255, 255;
Invalentireitem //Used to reset each frame
RenderEachFrameWhenStill //Will make plugin work on stills
code // any variable defined in the code section should resest each frame
float a, d, w, h;
point centeroftm, framesize, tmbox[4]; //[4] makes an array
string text_tim, text_fs, text_secs, text_mins;
float fracsecscounter, fs, secs, mins;
fontcolor.a = 255;
dimensionsof(dest, framesize.x, framesize.y);
centeroftm = framesize;
centeroftm *= center;
fontsize /= 320/framesize.x;
dest = src1; //set to stop fce being stupid
if fps == 25;
fracsecscounter = tm_offset+(100/25)*frame;
end if
if fps == 30;
fracsecscounter = tm_offset+(100/29.97)*frame;
end if
//NTSC counter is slightly out from PAL one? Not sure why
// Following section inspired by 'Clock' generator from TMTS (Too Much Too Soon)
// from Matt Sandstršm
mins = (fracsecscounter/6000);
secs = (mins-integer(mins))*60;
fs = (secs-integer(secs))*100;
numtostring(Integer(mins), text_mins, 0);
if length(text_mins) == 1;
text_mins = "0"+text_mins;
end if;
numtostring(Integer(secs), text_secs, 0);
if length(text_secs) == 1;
text_secs = "0"+text_secs;
end if;
numtostring(Integer(fs), text_fs, 0);
if length(text_fs) == 1;
text_fs = "0"+text_fs;
end if;
text_tim = text_mins + " : " + text_secs + " : " + text_fs;
// End of inspired section
measurestringplain(text_tim, w, h, a, d, aspectof(dest));
makerect(tmbox, centeroftm.x-w/2, centeroftm.y-a/2, w, a);
drawstringplain(text_tim, tmbox, dest, fontcolor, aspectof(dest));
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