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An Applescript for Camino to Save Tabs to Pinboard. Doesn't work though because of Gecko 1.9 preflighting the request.
--Camino Pinboard save tabs
-- An Applescript to Save Open Tabs to Pinboard, using the Save Tabs functionality:
-- Uses francois2metz fake html5-FormData since Gecko 1.9 doesn't have this
-- Gecko 1.9 preflights all requests except from text/plain which screws the whole thing up
-- (
-- Oh well, it was a nice idea.
property winz : ""
property tabz : ""
property resultz : ""
property source : ""
--Get list of tabs and windows,
tell application "Camino"
repeat with i from 1 to (count browser windows)
repeat with j from 1 to (count of tabs of browser window i)
set tabz to tabz & "{ \"title\": \"" & title of tab j of browser window i & "\", \"url\": \"" & URL of tab j of browser window i & "\"}"
if ((j < (count of tabs of browser window i)) and ((count of tabs of browser window i) > 1)) then
set tabz to tabz & ","
end if
end repeat
set winz to winz & "[" & tabz & "]"
if ((i < (count of browser windows)) and ((count of browser windows) > 1)) then
set winz to winz & ","
end if
set tabz to ""
end repeat
end tell
set resultz to resultz & "{\"browser\":\"camino\",\"windows\":[" & winz & "]}"
set source to ("<html><head></head><body>
<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"\"></script>
var params = new FormData();
var req = new XMLHttpRequest();
params.append(\"data\", '" & resultz as string) & "'); // I have an inkling, that should a tab title contain an apostrophe, it may muck this up.\"POST\", \"\", true);
//Don't think these need to be set
//req.setRequestHeader(\"Cache-Control\", \"no-cache\");
//req.setRequestHeader(\"X-Requested-With\", \"XMLHttpRequest\");
//This needs to be set explicity for Gecko, Webkit seems to do by default
req.withCredentials = true
req.setRequestHeader(\"Content-Type\", \"multipart/form-data; boundary=\"+ params.boundary);
req.onreadystatechange = function() {
if (req.readyState == 4) {
window.location.href = \"\";
do shell script "rm -f $HOME/Library/'Application Support'/Camino/caminosavetabstopinboard.html"
do shell script "touch $HOME/Library/'Application Support'/Camino/caminosavetabstopinboard.html"
set js to ((path to home folder as string) & "Library:Application Support:Camino:caminosavetabstopinboard.html") as alias
open for access js with write permission
write source to js
close access js
tell application "Camino"
open js
end tell
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