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Working from home
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atonamy / LCS.kt
Last active Aug 24, 2021
Find the the longest common substrings
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Solution to this problem extended version
time complexity O(m*n)
data class Str(val string: StringBuilder,
var startPosition: Int,
var nextPosition: Int = startPosition+1,
val id: String = UUID.randomUUID().toString()
atonamy /
Created Jun 6, 2021
2D Metaballs implementation in Godot
#based on this article
extends Node2D
class Blob:
var pos_x
var pos_y
var radius
var velocity
atonamy / CaesarCipher.kt
Created Apr 16, 2020
Technical test for Igloohome
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fun CaesarCipher(str: String, num: Int): String {
val result = StringBuilder()
for(i in str.indices) {
if(str[i].toLowerCase() in 'a'..'z') {
val a = 'a'.toLong()
val A = 'A'.toLong()
val shift = (str[i] + num).toLong()
val letterLower = shift - a
val letterUpper = shift - A
val lower = ('z' + 1).toLong() - a
atonamy / Java REST GET
Last active Jul 5, 2021
[Coderbyte] Technical test for NTUC Singapore (Android Engineer)
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Java REST GET Simple
In the Java file, write a program to perform a GET request on the route:
and then print to the console the hobbies property in the following format:
ITEM1, ITEM2, ...
atonamy / SeatingStudents.kt
Last active Sep 23, 2021
[Coderbyte] Technical test for NTUC Singapore (Android Engineer)
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Have the function SeatingStudents(arr) read the array of integers stored in arr which will be in the
following format: [K, r1, r2, r3, ...] where K represents the number of desks in a classroom,
and the rest of the integers in the array will be in sorted order and will represent the desks
that are already occupied. All of the desks will be arranged in 2 columns,
where desk #1 is at the top left, desk #2 is at the top right, desk #3 is below #1, desk #4 is below #2, etc.
Your program should return the number of ways 2 students can be seated next to each other.
This means 1 student is on the left and 1 student on the right, or 1 student is directly above or below the other student.
For example: if arr is [12, 2, 6, 7, 11] then this classrooms looks like the following diagram:
atonamy / BitmapHoles.kt
Last active Apr 13, 2020
[Coderbyte] Technical test for NTUC Singapore (Android Engineer)
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Using the Kotlin language, have the function BitmapHoles(strArr: Array<String>): String
take the array of strings stored in strArr, which will be a 2D matrix
of 0 and 1's, and determine how many holes, or contiguous regions of 0's,
exist in the matrix. A contiguous region is one where there is a
connected group of 0's going in one or more of four directions: up,
down, left, or right. For example: if strArr is
["10111", "10101", "11101", "11111"], then this looks like the following matrix:
1 0 1 1 1
View maxDifference.kt
fun maxDifference(arr: Array<Int>): Int {
var min: Pair<Int, Int> = Pair(0, 0)
var max: Pair<Int, Int> = Pair(0, 0)
var result = -1
for(i in 0 until arr.size) {
when {
i == 0 -> {
min = Pair(i, arr[i])
atonamy / gist:e7fae0f7ad0e80490ebbe9f2cc16cccc
Created May 21, 2019 — forked from patrickhammond/gist:0b13ec35160af758d98c
Sample for how to use the Google Play Services dynamic security provider to keep the SSL library that the app will use to up date.
View gist:e7fae0f7ad0e80490ebbe9f2cc16cccc
import android.content.Intent;
public class MainApplication extends Application {
View GenomicRangeQuery.kt
val String.prefixSumOfGenoms: Array<IntArray>
get() {
val genoms = Array(3) {
for(i in 0 until length) {
var (a, c, g) = arrayOf<Short>(0, 0, 0)
when(this[i]) {
'A' -> {a = 1}
View Stone Game.kt
import java.math.*
import java.text.*
import java.util.*
import java.util.regex.*
val mod = 1000000007
fun maxbit(value: Int): Int = if(value <= 1) value else maxbit(value shr 1) shl 1