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Let's make a list of Sinatra-based apps!
- "Sinatra based"
- "minimalist blogging engine"
- "The easy and fun Continuous Integration server"
- "git-powered wiki"
- "Seinfeld-inspired productivity calendar to track your public github commits."
- "Marley, the blog engine without <textareas>."
- "Serve up your Markdown files with this tiny Sinatra app!"
- "An ultralight, ultraminimal wiki thing with Markdown"
- "A read-only Sinatra microapp for sharing your projects"
- "A small tumblog written with sinatra"
- "A sinatra app to log your GitHub commits with FogBugz"
- "Simple (Tiny) Pastie Clone Using Sinatra & DataMapper"
- "A weblog, in Ruby, using Sinatra and Sequel. An experiment, using literate programming techniques. A book, in English, maybe?"
- "A very simple sinatra application which listens on Jabber to take your notes and then displays them back to you"
- "wiki with sinatra ruby framework"
- "rash. ruby, sinatra, twitter & hashtags."
- "Frog is a full-featured blog application written using the sinatra web framework"
- "AtomPub server implemented using Sinatra and CouchDB"
- "Stand-alone git repository comment rater"
- "Snail is a web interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS) written using the sinatra web framework"
- ""
- "Official GitHub Services Integration"
- "Easy creation of Facebook applications in Ruby using plugin for Sinatra web framework that integrates with Facebooker gem."
- "Scanty, an even more minimalist blogging engine"
- "Scanty, using CouchDB"
- "Asterisk-Adhearsion API; A Sinatra app that brings REST to Asterisk"
- "a little sinatra app to keep track of tickets with nice console integration"
- "Small app to control your Itunes via HTTP."
- "Building a iPhone web app in under 50 lines with Sinatra and iUI"
- "Sinatra app that utilizes the WeewarSpy library to spy on your Weewar games."
- "A simple sinatra-app to display information about gpx files"
- "A simple Sinatra app to display manual pages."
- "iPhone friendly web UI for God"
- "A short url unwinding service"
- "sinatra / datamapper interface to princeton's wordnet lexical dictionary"
- "a REST service to transform a CSV into XML"
- "Mount models as web services in Sinatra with ease."
- "A Sinatra base app with DataMapper / RSpec. For getting quickly off your feet and into developing!"
- "A mini blog engine in Sinatra with hAtom and MetaWeblog API"
- "Easy creation of Facebook applications in Ruby using plugin for Sinatra web framework that integrates with Facebooker gem."
- "Quickly deploy Sinatra apps to Passenger."
- "link checking fun for sinatra websites"
- "Think resource_controller, except for sinatra."
- "Calendar About Nothing"
- "Follow Cost"
- "Stuff." (
- "Kill the lazy dog"
- "Short URL unwinder"
Blogs running Wink:
Blogs running Scanty:
Blogs running Marley:
Companies and sites using Sinatra internally:
- Curbed Network (,,
- GitHub (
- Songbird (
- Heroku (
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