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Last active Jan 23, 2016
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Send Heroku logs to an rsyslog server and save them to separate files by application
  • Add a Heroku drain for your app to forward the logs to your rsyslog server:

      heroku drains:add --app my-prod-app syslog://
  • List the drain you just created to get the unique Drain ID:

      heroku drains -x --app my-prod-app
  • On the rsyslog server save the logs coming from Heroku to separate files, without duplicating to /var/log/messages (thanks to the & ~). Create a /etc/rsyslog.d/90-heroku.conf file containing:

      if $HOSTNAME startswith 'Drain_ID' then /opt/log/heroku/my-prod-app.log
      & ~
  • Duplicate the above block for each log file, with & ~ on a separate line each time. Restart rsyslog when you're done and don't forget to set up logrotation.

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