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Working features:
o checkout
x no progress update
x publish
x? update solution
o review solution changes
o create patch
o individual diff
o commit dialog
o exec commit
o push changes dialog
o get push changesets
o get push diffs
x? execute push
? switch to branch
x merge branches
x rebase to branch
- shelve (no API in
- unshelve (no API in
- manage shelve (no API in
o manage branch
- create branch (impossible; hg won't create it until initial commit)
? delete branch
? switch to branch
- add remote (no API in
- edit remote (no API in
- delete remote (no API in
o file control
o add
o remove
o revert
- lock
- unlock
o editor pane
o changes (local diff)
x blame
o log, view each diff
x? merge
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