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WebView Asset PathHandler that returns contents of a zip archive.
// Licensed under CC-0 terms.
import java.nio.ByteBuffer
import android.webkit.WebResourceResponse
import androidx.webkit.WebViewAssetLoader
// WebView Asset PathHandler that returns contents of a zip archive.
class ZipArchivePathHandler(private val zipArchiveBytes: ByteArray) : WebViewAssetLoader.PathHandler {
override fun handle(path: String): WebResourceResponse? {
val bs = ByteArrayInputStream(zipArchiveBytes)
val zs = ZipInputStream(bs)
while(true) {
val entry = zs.nextEntry ?: break
if ( == path) {
if (entry.size > Int.MAX_VALUE)
return WebResourceResponse("text/html", "utf-8", 500, "Internal Error", mapOf(), ByteArrayInputStream("Internal Error: compressed zip entry ${} has bloated size: ${entry.size}".toByteArray()))
// huh, entry.size is not really available??
val os = ByteArrayOutputStream(4096)
val bytes = ByteArray(4096)
while (true) {
val size =, 0, bytes.size)
if (size < 0)
os.write(bytes, 0, size)
return WebResourceResponse(
return WebResourceResponse("text/html", "utf-8", 404, "Not Found", mapOf(), ByteArrayInputStream("Not found".toByteArray()))
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