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Created April 28, 2019 07:12
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fluidsynth for Android docker build
FROM bitriseio/android-ndk
WORKDIR /usr/local/src
ENV ANDROID_NDK_PATH /opt/android-ndk
RUN useradd -u $HOST_USER_ID -ms /bin/bash user
RUN apt-get update
RUN echo y | apt-get install autotools-dev automake autoconf libtool g++ autopoint make cmake \
bison flex yasm pkg-config gtk-doc-tools libxv-dev libx11-dev libpulse-dev \
python3-dev texinfo gettext build-essential pkg-config doxygen curl libxext-dev \
libxi-dev x11proto-record-dev libxrender-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libxfixes-dev \
libxdamage-dev libxcomposite-dev libasound2-dev libxml-simple-perl dpkg-dev \
debhelper build-essential devscripts fakeroot transfig gperf libdbus-glib-1-dev \
wget glib-networking libxtst-dev libxrandr-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libegl1-mesa-dev \
git subversion xutils-dev intltool ccache python3-setuptools autogen
RUN ln -s /opt/android-sdk-linux ~/android-sdk-linux
RUN ln -s /opt/android-ndk ~/android-sdk-linux/ndk-bundle
RUN git clone --depth 1 -b v3.14.3 cmake
RUN cd cmake && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make && cd ../..
ENV PATH /usr/local/src/cmake/build/bin:$PATH
RUN git clone --depth 1 fluidsynth
RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android
RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android && make -f prepare
#RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android && git clone external/oboe
#RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android/external/oboe && git checkout 9bf3943
#RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android && git clone external/cerbero
#RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android/external/cerbero && git checkout 0acd9b0
#RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android/external/cerbero && ./cerbero-uninstalled -c config/cross-android-x86.cbc bootstrap
#RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android/external/cerbero && ./cerbero-uninstalled -c config/cross-android-x86-64.cbc bootstrap
#RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android/external/cerbero && ./cerbero-uninstalled -c config/cross-android-armv7.cbc bootstrap
#RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android/external/cerbero && ./cerbero-uninstalled -c config/cross-android-arm64.cbc bootstrap
RUN cd fluidsynth/doc/android && make -f
RUN /bin/bash
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