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Destroy the localStorage copy of less.js client-side-generated CSS
// Destroys the localStorage copy of CSS that less.js creates
function destroyLessCache(pathToCss) { // e.g. '/css/' or '/stylesheets/'
if (!window.localStorage || !less || less.env !== 'development') {
var host =;
var protocol = window.location.protocol;
var keyPrefix = protocol + '//' + host + pathToCss;
for (var key in window.localStorage) {
if (key.indexOf(keyPrefix) === 0) {
delete window.localStorage[key];
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ianferrell commented Nov 13, 2013

Anyone have a better solution than this? I'm running chrome with the cache disabled, but ideally the development environment should work as expected.

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yllumi commented Aug 27, 2014

I've tried this code, but my template still using the less files. The error shown "Uncaught ReferenceError: less is not defined". Anyone can help? It is frustating hahaha~

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abcarroll commented Apr 4, 2015

I've included this modified / improved version:

In my project here:

Thanks a ton for this!

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