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pony gsoc 2019 proposal guidelines

Name and Contact Information

Please provide information that can be used to contact you. This includes:

  • full name
  • email address
  • telephone number
  • current postal address
  • postal address where you plan to be during the Summer (if known)
  • website link (optional)
  • GitHub link (optional)
  • full contact information for an emergency contact


Please provide a title for your proposal. The title should be short and descriptive.


Give a general overview of your project, including an explanation of what you intend to do and what you expect to deliver by the end of the Summer.

Benefits to Community

Describe how you think this project will benefit the Pony community.


Describe in detail the deliverables that you think you will produce, along with milestones that can be used along the way to evalutate your project's progress. Lay out a timeline of what you expect to be doing throughout the project and when you expect to deliverables and milestones to be completed.

Please note that these deliverables only constitute a rough plan of action. If you are accepted you will go over the plan with your mentor and the two of you may decide to make changes and adjustments. It is best if you communicate with the Pony community before you submit your application so that they can help you come up with a realistic plan.

Related Work

List work that you are aware of that might relate to this project. Please describe how this work relates and how you will leverage it to help you in your own work.

Biographical Information

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Please include experiences and skills that you think will be relevant to your owrk on this project. Include your educational and work background. If there are any relevant projects that you have worked on, please include links to them here.

Why Is This Interesting To You

Tell us why you think this project is interesting. What does it mean to you?

What Will You Do To Make This A Success?

What steps are you going to take to make sure that this project is a success?

What Should Your Mentor And The Community Do To Make This A Success?

What do you expect from your mentor and from the community to make this project a success? What kinds of support and interaction do you think would be the most useful for you?

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