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FocusPoint JS Using Picture Element
<div class="focuspoint"
data-focus-x-sm="-0.27" data-focus-y-sm="0.98" data-image-w-sm="992" data-image-h-sm="685"
data-focus-x-md="-0.29" data-focus-y-md="1.00" data-image-w-md="1102" data-image-h-md="809"
data-focus-x-lg="-0.05" data-focus-y-lg="1.00" data-image-w-lg="1600" data-image-h-lg="879"
<picture class="img-presentation">
<source media="(min-width: 1200px)" srcset="">
<source media="(min-width: 992px)" srcset="">
<source media="(min-width: 768px)" srcset="">
<img src="">
// Note: Class and other code omitted for berevity,
// Note: ES6
// Note: Focus Point Version: 1.1.3
// Called by custom media query change listeners based on MatchMedia API
// Executes when the browser crosses a media query in either direction
function onMediaQueryChange() {
const $imgContainer = $(".focuspoint"); // already initialized focuspoint by here (see docs)
const mqSuffix = getMqSuffix(); // custom functionality (returns "sm", "md", "lg")
const focusX = $imgContainer.attr(`data-focus-x-${mqSuffix}`);
const focusY = $imgContainer.attr(`data-focus-y-${mqSuffix}`);
const imageW = $imgContainer.attr(`data-image-w-${mqSuffix}`);
const imageH = $imgContainer.attr(`data-image-H-${mqSuffix}`);
// Inject custom data into
${focusX, focusY, imageW, imageH});



  • This solve is useful for a fluid layout; where art-direction for every possible width is not practical.
  • Picture element setup is fairly simple:
    • Adhears to Bootstrap 3 breakpoints
    • Source elements use a single value for srcset
  • onMediaQueryChange is called by some custom MatchMedia based code, which isn't hard to write
  • getMqSuffix simply checks the current breakpoint and returns "sm", "md", or "lg".
  • I created the values for each version of the data- attrs using the nice helper tool linked to from the repo.
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