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Last active May 27, 2018 04:36
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Callbags and Canceling with CAF
import { forEach, map, pipe, fromEvent, scan } from 'callbag-basics'
import CAF from 'caf'
let source = pipe(
fromEvent(document, 'keydown'),
map(event => function * (signal) {
console.log('%cbegin', 'color:red')
yield CAF.delay(signal, 1000)
console.log('%cend', 'color:green')
return 'complete!'
scan((coll, fn) => {
if (coll.token) coll.token.abort('cancel')
coll.token = new CAF.cancelToken()
return { token: coll.token, fn }
}, {}),
map(({ token, fn }) =>
forEach(p =>p
.then(result => console.log(result))
.catch(canceled => console.log(canceled))
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