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Install entware on ARM based router eg tomato / ddwrt / asus-merlin cfw

Merged into entware-ng project


Quick install Entware on ARM devices

These instructions are for ARM devices only. For mipsel devices, then see the official entware readme instead at:

Thanks to qnapware - it works just as well on our routers too! Source:

Tested on Netgear Nighthawk R7000, with Shibby Tomato / AdvancedTomato v1.28 firmware. On an ext4 partition with it's journalling disabled.

Instructions for ARM device

  • mount a disk to '/tmp/mnt/usb_hdd' or similar. Do not use the internal 'JFFS' flash, it will kill / ruin your router
mount -o noatime,writeback /dev/sda2 /tmp/mnt/usb_hdd
  • bind-mount to /opt
mkdir -p /tmp/mnt/usb_hdd/opt
mount -o bind /tmp/mnt/usb_hdd/opt /opt

# might as well bind-mount '/jffs' too while we are at it
mkdir -p /tmp/mnt/usb_hdd/jffs
mount -o bind /tmp/mnt/usb_hdd/jffs /jffs
  • Download entware ARM installer script. It installs to '/opt' only and nowhere else.
cd /tmp/mnt/usb_hdd
  • Run entware installer script
chmod +x
  • Follow any post-install instructions printed at the end of installation. e.g. add some line's to your router's INIT script (advanced --> startup/shutdown scripts)

Entware is now installed. Use 'opkg' command to install pkgs

opkg --help

The entware config file is at '/opt/etc/entware.config'. But don't mess about with it (back it up first).

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