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SSR with react-router@1.0.0-beta4
// That variant actually works with 1.0.0-beta4
// Link to the previous (1.0.0-beta3) version:
import createLocation from 'history/lib/createLocation';
import createHistory from 'history/lib/createMemoryHistory';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom/server';
import {Router} from 'react-router';
import Layout from './views/Layout';
import Application from './containers/Application';
app.use(function* render() {
const stats = require('../build/webpack-stats.json');
const routes = require('../build/routes-compiled');
const history = createHistory();
const location = createLocation(this.req.url);
const markup = ReactDOM.renderToString(
<Router history={history} location={location} routes={routes} />
const html = ReactDOM.renderToStaticMarkup(
{...stats} />
this.body = `<!doctype>\n${html}`;
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eXon commented Sep 5, 2015

After reading the code of history I'm pretty sure the location prop on Router doesn't exist anymore. You have to do createMemoryHistory(this.req.url) or history.pushState(null, this.req.url)

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