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ptolemee# npm i
> @serialport/bindings@2.0.8 install /root/mpr-6zhmaut-api/node_modules/@serialport/bindings
> prebuild-install --tag-prefix @serialport/bindings@ || node-gyp rebuild
prebuild-install WARN install No prebuilt binaries found (target=13.0.1 runtime=node arch=x64 libc= platform=linux)
make: Entering directory '/root/mpr-6zhmaut-api/node_modules/@serialport/bindings/build'
CXX(target) Release/
In file included from ../src/./serialport.h:6,
from ../src/serialport.cpp:1:
aurels / mapDispatchToProps.es6
Created May 22, 2017 17:51
const mapDispatchToProps = {
setCurrentTab: albumActions.setCurrentTab
const mapDispatchToProps = (dispatch) => {
return {
setCurrentTab: (tab) => {
aurels /
Created April 27, 2017 08:36
Uninstalling all gems
for i in `gem list --no-versions`; do gem uninstall -aIx $i; done
var segments = Immutable.List()
Object {size: 0, _origin: 0, _capacity: 0, _level: 5, _root: undefined…}
segments.push({id: 1, name: "Un"})
Object {size: 1, _origin: 0, _capacity: 1, _level: 5, _root: null…}
segments.push({id: 1, name: "Un"}).size
<div class="input short">
<%= data_f.label :number_format, _("Style de formatage des nombres") %>
<%= :number_format, NumberFormat.options_for_select %>
<div class="input short">
<%= data_f.label :date_format, _("Style de formatage des dates") %>
<%= :date_format, DateFormat.options_for_select %>
def draw_circle(x, y, size, color)
goto x, y
pencolor color
for i in (1..360)
forward size
turnright 1
irb(main):008:0> Video.find(4247).automatic_youtube_tags
=> ["« Mais pourquoi donc / Sept étoiles » - Auberson, Bovard, Big Band de Lausanne - Montreux Jazz F...", "Mais", "pourquoi", "donc", "Sept", "étoiles", "Auberson,", "Bovard,", "Big", "Band", "de", "Lausanne", "Montreux", "Jazz", "F...", "Mais pourquoi donc / Sept étoiles", "Pascal Auberson", "Pascal", "Auberson", "Jean-François Bovard", "Jean-François", "Bovard", "Le Big Band de Lausanne", "Le"]
genealogy[master]: bundle exec rake
/Users/aurels/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p448/bin/ruby -I/Users/aurels/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p448/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rspec-core-3.0.3/lib:/Users/aurels/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p448/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rspec-support-3.0.3/lib -S /Users/aurels/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p448/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rspec-core-3.0.3/exe/rspec ./spec/genealogy/alter_current_spouse_spec.rb ./spec/genealogy/alter_grandparents_spec.rb ./spec/genealogy/alter_offspring_spec.rb ./spec/genealogy/alter_parents_spec.rb ./spec/genealogy/alter_siblings_spec.rb ./spec/genealogy/model_lifecycle_spec.rb ./spec/genealogy/model_settings_spec.rb ./spec/genealogy/query_methods_spec.rb --format documentation --color
/Users/aurels/Dev/genealogy/spec/genealogy/alter_current_spouse_spec.rb:23:in `block (4 levels) in <module:AlterCurrentSpouseSpec>': undefined method `its' for #<Class:0x007fc954f27428> (NoMethodError)
from /Users/aurels/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p448/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rspec-core-3.0.3/lib/rspec/c
mainApp.directive('unique', function($http) {
return {
restrict: 'A',
require: 'ngModel',
scope: {
ownId: '@uniqueOwnId'
link: function(scope, elem, attr, ctrl) {
git push origin sprint6
Counting objects: 17, done.
Delta compression using up to 4 threads.
Compressing objects: 100% (10/10), done.
Writing objects: 100% (10/10), 1.54 KiB, done.
Total 10 (delta 7), reused 0 (delta 0)
remote: bb/acl: phonoid is allowed. accepted payload.
remote: ERROR 2012-09-19 10:22:26,210 manager 2130 140368828270336 'DictAttribute' object has no attribute 'iterkeys'
remote: Traceback (most recent call last):
remote: File "/opt/python/domains/", line 68, in transform